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Notehall: Net worth and everything you need to know!

Notehall is an online platform where students can purchase and sell class notes. They participated in a reality show called ‘Shark Tank’ in 2009.

In 2008, Sean Conway, Justin Miller, D.J. Stephen, and Fadi Chalfoun, students of the University of Arizona, worked together to make Notehall. Approximately 40 % of students began using Notehall within 8 months of opening. Notehall is an online platform where students can sell notices, guide, and sharing files in order to make them accessible to their classmates. Students must obtain credits from the website after which you can access the text, and Notehall accounts for 50 per cent of sales.

Around 2009, they emerged at the Shark Tank where Barbara Corcoran had raised $90,000. And after a few weeks, they moved on to engage in DreamIt Ventures, which is a fundraiser program for annual start-ups, thus refusing Barbara’s bid.

The co-founders of Notehall were the candidates for America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs in 2009. U.S. News identified them with five must-have student social media resources. They were also featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, Business Week, Yahoo, US News, etc. Both CEO and co-founder Sean Conway have been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal for creative thought. In 2009, DreamIt launched Notehall in the press.

Criticized by university administrators!

Actually, Notehall attacked faculty members as well as university administrators. Because of the breach of the rights to intellectual property. Sharing their lectures and notes on an online website is prone to infringement of intellectual property. In California, the development of class notes is unlawful and a letter is also sent by the University Dean Mark Cioc claiming that teachers, experts, are requesting not to participate in this kind of activity.

Besides that, Colorado University and Indiana University Dean Leading Hall acknowledged that downloading and selling a lecturer/teacher’s work online is a copyright infringement problem and also a black market problem.

Nominated for the best young entrepreneur!

Notehall.com in Wall Street News, Forbes.com, Business Week, Yahoo, US News, Techcrunch, etc. And the co-founders of the note hall were nominated for young entrepreneurs in the Americas and were participants in 2009. Notehall stated by the US news that it is one of the most effective social media resources for students. College students must use this forum to communicate with their peers, other students, and share books and information.

One of the co-founders of Sean Conway was published on the wall street newspaper for being extremely innovative in raising funds for the company during the recession period. dream IT  is exposed to the media by a Techcrunch report in August 2009.

The net worth of Notehall

Notehall was bought over by Chegg for $3.7 million in equity and cash is revealed. The net value has not been revealed. No more information can be found about the company and we’ll email you as soon as we get some specifics. So keep tuned.

Makers of Notehall

Who are the makers of the Hall of Notes? Oh, there are four developers in the Notehall. They’re Sean Conway, Justin Miller, DJ Stephan, Fadi Chalfoun. These four people were working very hard in the early days to grow the Notehall business. In the meantime, they introduced a range of strategies and provided very strong services to be the first online platform for the buying or sale of class notes. The lenders / Shark of the Notehall is Mark Cuban & Barbara Corcoran.

The developers of Notehall originally offered $90,000 from Corcoran, and everyone figured they would close the sale. Yet the transaction was ineffective and it was not completed.

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