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NLE Choppa : net worth, personal details and career

NLE Choppa (Bryson Lashun Potts) is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is best known for his 2019 single ‘Shotta Flow’ which went viral on the internet. The song gathered 15 million views in just 6 weeks after release. He then released another video ‘Shotta Flow 2’ which gathered 20 million in 2 months. His net worth is $ 3 million.

Early Life NLE Choppa –

He was born on 1 November 2002 to a Jamaican mother and African-American father. He was brought up in Memphis Tennessee in its parkway village neighbourhood. He went to Cordova High School. He played basketball over there whoever he could focus on basketball as he always got himself into trouble. At the age of 14, he began freestyling with his friends and at age 15 he took music seriously.

Career Of NLE Choppa –

His mother worked as his manager since the time he showed interest in music. In February 2018 he released his first song No Love Anthem under the name YNR Choppa. Mixtape No Love The Take Over his debut release on 22 July. His dance moves were liked by the audience. He became famous online.

He released his breakout single Shotta Flow a week later after his popularity. The video crossed 10 million views in a month. In May 2019 the song got 96th positions in Billboard 100. It later got the position of number 36. Then he released a song sequel Shotta Flow 2 which was also a hit.

His notable songs include Shotta Flow, Shotta Flow (Remix), Camelot, Shotta Flow 2 and 3, Capo, Walk Em Down, Famous Hoes, Birdboy, and Holy Moly.

Personal Life NLEChoppa –

NLE Choppa has an online store where he sells clothing and phone cases. His brand name is No Love Entertainment. He aspires to turn this into one of the famous brands in the United Kingdom.

He served at a juvenile detention centre during an unspecified time. It was never revealed for what he was arrested. He said the time he spends there motivated him to turn around his life. In an episode of his Youtube series, he said being there was an eye-opener and helped him a lot.

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