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Nitin Negi and Sahil Wadhwa : The success story of young entrepreneurs

Nitin Negi

This is a digital era and this age provides a lot of young entrepreneurs opportunities to come up using their skills. We have come across many such success stories, one of them is about Nitin Negi and Sahil. Being an entrepreneur is difficult and it’s even harder to be a digital entrepreneur. However, these two youngsters have achieved this with their hard work, determination, and dedication. The two became entrepreneurs at the age of 14. They both met at a digital marketing platform where they joined for fun. To their surprise, this changed their future making them successful in the digital marketing field.

Their journey towards success of Nitin Negi and Sahil Wadhwa

Nitin Negi and Sahil joined met through Facebook in 2010 when they were both 21 years old. To their surprise, this gave them a promising future as a blogger and web designers. Today they both have fame and money as a result of their determination and hard work. They have over 50 million followers in their social media. One might think they had invested a large amount to do their business but that’s not the case. However, the two began their career with no funding and capital. They only had a little experience and education in the field. Nitin Negi hails from Karnaprayag town in Chamoli district and Sahil from Madlauda village in Haryana.

In the initial years of their business, they both had to familiarise themselves with many new concepts. This included blogging, SEO, website traffic management and digital marketing. Moreover, this isn’t just a story filled with stepping stones and successes. The two had faced many failures and stepbacks when they first began. Further, it is this that makes them both inspiring figures in their field. They are the admins of Auto Freak which is a website providing news about automobiles. This was also started to work as an online earning platform.

Nitin Negi and Sahil Wadhwa pose as an inspiration to all budding entrepreneurs and millennials who are trying to take up space in the digital marketing industry. While many give excuses about lack of capital and experience, these two have provided them with an example to move forward by focusing on themselves and following their goals.

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