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Nintendo Switch Bundles: What are the best Nintendo Switch Bundles deal?

The demand for Nintendo Switch Bundles has been on a constant rise throughout the year. Due to Covid-19, the games and consoles sales rose this year and the lookout for a cheap Nintendo Switch Bundle is on.

If you are looking for Nintendo Switch Bundles, here are some of the best deals.

Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the major sellers of this pandemic. The game features fun characters, quaint island life, and aesthetic museums to visit. After its release in March, it was quite popular on Nintendo Switch. And now it has become a part of the bundle.

It is a two-piece bundle that features Animal Crossing: New Horizons and a Nintendo Switch console. If you are on the lookout for a console and a game, this is the best deal.

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Package

This gives you more options than what was listed above. The package apart from the New Horizons and console include a controller and a gift card for a one-year subscription to Nintendo Online.

You can play the game solo and locally without a subscription. But if you wish to connect online, you will have to get an online subscription.

Nintendo Switch Lite and Animal Crossing

If you want a Switch in order to use it as a handheld device, you will need a Switch Lite. You cannot connect it to your tv to play like a stationary console, and it is purely handheld.

Its function is similar to normal Switch with the same frame rate and graphics quality.

Nintendo Switch package with memory card and starter kit

This is not a bundle with games but its focus is on hardware improvement and protection. Along with a Nintendo Switch console, the package includes a memory card and a starter kit.

Getting a bundle with a memory card will be of great advantage to your considering that it expands the memory to 256 GB. This bundle is the best deal you will get your hands on. It also includes a case, an additional USB-C power cable, cleaning cloth, and silicon grips for the Joy-Cons.

These are some of the best Nintendo Switch Bundle Deals for you to purchase right now.


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