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Nilay Chakrapani: Success Story of a Millionaire Technopreneur

Nilay Chakrapani

Nilay Chakrapani – In view of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, you can accomplish everything under the sun with absolute honesty and great determination.

Nilay takes inspiration from the PM’s famous quote- “No task is impossible; no path is difficult; if our resolution is strong. We have to be dedicated to making ourselves self-reliant. This magnificent building of self-reliant India will stand on five pillars, namely economy, infrastructure, technology, demography, and demand“.

As the quote very well suggests, the founding principles of our nation’s overall success depend on the above five pillars, and the Gen z entrepreneur, Nilay Chakrapani, firmly believes that while contributing his bit towards making India aatmanirbhar (self-reliant).

Nilay is known to have made a significant impact on the e-commerce business. He is a digital ninja in his late 20s, but success did not come to him overnight; he has seen his share of challenges to get where he is today.

If you are wondering what a typical day of work looks like for Nilay, it’s pretty much everything from offering consultation to the brands to encourage growth to expand across the eCommerce arena daily. Nilay Chakrapani wants to give direction to everyone who aspires to make it big in the digital space based on his personal experiences.

Behind every successful entrepreneur are the achievements of other entrepreneurs and influencers from the bygone era. He gathered most of his knowledge and insights by reading about entrepreneurs that are a global phenomenon today.

Nilay decided to pursue his B.Tech degree from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), but thoughts of getting a job would often worry him. Little did he know what the future held for his life; he spent most of his free time reading books and blogs to learn about business ideas to gain real knowledge.

He was always inclined towards the digital marketing business and how dynamic it was. The inherent potential of digital marketing motivated him to go all out and add more value to the field. Trade analysts value the industry at around $340 billion currently, and Nilay started almost a decade back when it was a new “career” in India.

He realized that he needs to expand his networking and build connections with the influencers and entrepreneurs who made a career out of social media marketing. Back in the days that he freelanced with a company, he noticed they did not care about brands with comparatively small revenue, and it made no sense to Nilay – and he decided to venture off on his own.

Nilay Chakrapani spent a few years in the digital marketing space understanding the basics to the core, after which he diversified into the e-commerce space, particularly into dropshipping.

Armed with his research and few marketing strategies, Nilay invested whatever he earned from social media business into the dropshipping business. He invested over Rs. 1.8 lakh in the initial phase of his business only to see how well it works.

It was such a transformative journey; who can imagine there was a point in time when he just had Rs. 72 in his bank account, and from that point onwards, he had only grown to get better. As his eCommerce business grew, he expanded to the markets in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

It was only recently that the Indian e-commerce market caught his attention which was November 2018, and he is now working closely with the aggregators and experts trying to solve issues plaguing the Indian eCommerce market.

The messaging we take away from his success story is that he didn’t just focus on his personal growth and accomplishments; he even walked an extra mile to aid the newbies in business and those who want to make a mark in e-commerce. He regularly connects with potential young individuals to train them and bring industry insights for them to apply.

Because of his prior understanding of the potential e-commerce market possessed, he focuses mainly on pushing India to be a global leader in e-commerce. He strives to transform his nation into a technologically-enabled economy that has an independent business infrastructure.



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