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Nick Cordero to repair his lungs with stem cell treatment 

Amanda Kloots, Nick Cordero’s wife, recently shared the latest update of his husband with her friends, followers, and family, while Cordeno continues to fight for his life. We have reported that the fitness instructor on Friday revealed that her husband is undergoing a stem cell treatment to repair his lungs.

“Okay, guys, some Nick news. Exciting things,” Kloots began in her Instagram Story. “We have started stem cell treatment for Nick, and that just finished. We decided on this a couple of days ago, and the hospital got it moving.” “This could be really great,” she said, adding, “Of course, there are absolutely no guarantees — you know, there’s hardly ever any guarantees — but I’m just hoping that it can help him, even if it helps one percent, right?”

Our news sources have reported that Cordero, 41, was rushed to the hospital in March following he was suffering from pneumonia. After being admitted, Cordero was tested positive for COVID-19 and was treated for the same. He soon recovered from the virus but got a lung infection.

“Even if it just bridges us to the next level in healing for him,” Kloots said, she added that she’s “super excited” about her husband’s treatment and “can’t wait to see if anything comes of it to help repair, strengthen Nick’s lungs and get him any better.” “So fingers crossed,” she concluded.

Kloots shared the details day after she was asked to say goodbye to her husband as he was not doing well from the past few months. “A few times, I was told he wouldn’t do. I was told to say goodbye. I was told that it was going to take a miracle to save him,” Kloots wrote emotionally on Wednesday. “Oh, I’m faithful. Faith is sometimes tiny like a mustard seed, but that’s all you really need.”

Kloots, while sharing on the social media platform, added that she has her beloved husband by her side, and she won’t let her go anywhere. He is getting better every day, Kloots shared.

Kloots said that last Tuesday, physicians saw some success with pruning or repositioning Cordero. Because of frequent blood clotting problems, the actor had his right leg amputated and even underwent tracheostomy.

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