Donald Trump’s administration has turned out to be a horrible nightmare for Americans, especially for the government organisation and scientific research agencies. Now, criticising the policy reorientation guidelines of Trump, European science bodies have published an open letter, with the endorsement of 46 scientific organisations. In an open letter, signed by 46 scientific agencies have urged Europe’s politicians to put a ceiling on the biased guidelines and principles being implemented by Trump’s government.

In the letter, the scientific agencies have highlighted that Trump’s committal guidelines and values are causing threats to the scientific progress of the nation. When Trump’s government is trying to manipulate the integrity of US’s government science, the European Science Bodies has put forward new principles and guidelines for the perpetuation of scientific dignity and standards.

According to the letter, ideologies like intelligibility, data-sharing and the physical mobility of researchers and scientific personalities are extremely vital to the advancement of science and progression of the benefits they convey to civilisation and economies. But by manipulating its integrity and dignity, Trump’s government is trying to politicise the government-endorsed science research programs and hence the entire science department.

In the latter, the lead authors also criticised Trump’s new guideline for migrants. The new US president’s attempt to outlaw tourists from seven Muslim-majority nations and bullying to the government scientists to stop chatting with the press or publicizing the reports regarding new findings without government permission is nothing than a smart effort of US’s new head to politicize the integrity of both the country and its advancement approaches, highlighted the new report.

Agencies who signed the letter include British Royal Society, the science academies of Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, the European University Association and EuroScience. The letter was sent to the European Council and European Commission Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker, EU science Commissioner Carlos Moedas, and the premiers and science ministers of all EU member states and Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Serbia.


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