Titans Season 2 production is on hold

    The fans of the brutal and action-packed DCEU series Titans are going through a bad phase. By the looks of it, there is absolutely bad news concerning the production of the show. For quite some time the production of Titans Season 2 is put on hold due to an imminent death of stunt coordination.

    During the production, things went a little out of control and it did result in death. The entire cast and crew of Titans are extremely saddened due to the death of the person.

    What did really happen on the set?

    Warren Appleby, a prominent crew member of the Titans came into contact with a fatal accident. Sadly, the accident that took place in the set cost him his life. In a special effects shop. According to the sources, Appleby met with an accident while he was involved in a car stunt. One of the car pieces broke and it led to a disastrous accident.

    The said accident took place during a special effects’ facility in the heart of Toronto. By the looks of it, it is the same place where the first season of Titans came into being. DC’s Titans crew were trying to make a stunt happen which incorporates flipping off a car.

    How did Appleby die?

    A metal piece of the car detached from the vehicle and hit Appleby’s head. The production team immediately made calls to the nearby hospital and the EMTs team, however, Appleby met a tragic end while he was en route.

    The entire team is heartbroken due to the death of Warren Appleby. And in his memory, the team decide to pause the production of the series for a couple of days. Warren Appleby had a groundbreaking career in the motion picture of around 25 years. Since the beginning, he has been an integral part of Warner Bros. Television Group, Titans family as well.

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