The latest update in Zoom has longer chat IDs and improved password requirements

    There were multiple security issues found in Zoom previously; the security of the user is a sensitive issue that should be taken into consideration seriously and delicately. The most popular virtual meetings platform Zoom is fixing the errors and updating to make this platform more secure and keeping good on the promises it made regarding security.

    According to the reports, Zoom has released another weekly security update amidst COVID-19 lockdown when people are recommended to be working from home to stay safe and keep others safe as well from the wide spreading of this lethal disease. 

    In a blog post by Zoom on 14th April, it said to improve its password requirements and introduce longer meeting IDs in the latest update. 

    Under these amendments, Zoom users and admins can either set minimum criteria for a password to set the minimum length, which may include letters, numbers and particular characters or allow numeric passwords only.

    For the Basic free account users, the alphanumeric password option is there by default, Zoom wrote in a blog post.

    Besides this, the latest report suggests that in order to enhance the security of the site, Zoom implements longer random meeting IDs. As part of the update, random meetings IDs are created with 11 digits instead of 9 for new meetings and webinars. But the Personal Meeting ID of users (PMI) would remain the same. Zoom has taken this up seriously and has worked well at it.

    Apart from this, Zoom chat also updated cloud recordings, which allows the passwords for all accounts by default. It increases the sophistication and refinement of passwords. 

    Restoration of the third-party file-sharing was done after its security review was temporarily deactivated. It also modified further by removing the message preview for web chat notifications. When you disable it, you will get the message notification, but you won’t see the message to preview it.

    Zoom resolved “issues related to missing details and delay at the zoom dashboard.”Zoom has gained a lot of credit and appreciation since the time of lockdown and social distancing. Zoom has now set a firm foot, and the popularity is beyond limit bit, then came in the issues regarding the security and privacy concerns, and henceforth Zoom came forward, apologized, and promised to get it fixed in the next 90-days.

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