Top 10 best selling Electric Kettles on Amazon: Black Friday Sale 2018

    The Black Friday sale is just a few days away and bigwigs like Amazon have already started offering deals and discounts on products. If you are a Black Friday shopper, you are in for a treat because there’s just a lot of things you can check out and buy this coming shopping season. I curated a list of top 10 best selling Electric Kettles in 2018 that you can find on Amazon based on user preferences, reviews, and ratings so here’s what you must check out if you are looking for a good ‘electric kettle’.

    1. Mueller Austria Electric Kettle Water Heater

    Top 5 best selling Electric Kettles on Amazon: Black Friday Sale 2018

    I went through the list of reviews on Amazon and found the Mueller Austria Electric Kettle with Speedboil Tech as one of the best electric kettles that you must try. It has a metal and glass body fused together that looks sophisticated on a tabletop. It connects to the charging pad and thus, isn’t connecting to the cord all-time just like a smartphone on a charging pad. It beeps when the water gets hot at 160° F. It is 100% BPA free made up of the finest quality of Borosilicate glass that makes it out-stand against other kettles without contaminating liquids.

    The kettle has a maximum capacity of 1.8L and boil at maximum 160° F and shuts off without any user intervention and notifies the consumer with a short beep. The borosilicate glass wraps across the kettle with a metal frame and metal stand and it consumes 1000 Watt which is although slow but it ensures that no liquid contaminants even a little thus, safety is guaranteed both from bacteria, pathogens and from plastic-taste producing agents which is indeed a by-product when water boils.
    Price: $29.99 (Check out on Amazon)

    2. Ovente KP72B Electric Kettle

    Top 5 best selling Electric Kettles on Amazon: Black Friday Sale 2018

    Almost half the price of the top electric kettle in this explicit list, Ovente KP72B is a majestic electric kettle that looks classic. It is manufactured using BPA-Free plastic that allows it to keep away from allergens like nickel that could escape in drinking water in traditional kettles. The electric kettle comes in different color variants and all have the internal illumination that makes it easy to peep through the small glass on its sides to check the water level.

    It can boil 1.7-liter water in 9 minutes and it is powered by 120V, 1100-Watt that allows it to boil a subtle 1-liter water in 6 minutes at its maximum capacity. Also, the heating element is concealed within the kettle that prolongs it’s life as it is not exposed to water and thus, no corrosion whatsoever but it also heats up the water pretty quickly. It can be charged using a charging pad provided with it and doesn’t matter how you place it, once the kettle is placed on the charging pad, it will start charge immediately. Thanks to its removable spout filter, it allows cleaning it and thus, enjoy cleanest results all the time.
    Price: $14.99 (Check it out on Amazon)

    3. Cuisinart CPK-17AMZ Cordless Electric Kettle

    Top 5 best selling Electric Kettles on Amazon: Black Friday Sale 2018

    Cuisinart stainless steel electric kettle is a must-have if you are looking forward towards kettle that heats up water immediately. Thanks to it’s 1500-Watt power output, it is able to charge between 1.7-liter in a jiffy. It has 6 preset temperature with memory feature that allows it to keep heating the water even if you take out the kettle to pour water. It has a cordless 360-degrees swivel connector for charging that allows the user to keep it in any direction after connecting the base of the kettle and top of the charger.

    Thanks to it’s 30-minute keep warm feature, it is one of the most wished electric kettles that you can find on Amazon. It comes with a blue light that illuminates the internal section of the kettle so that you can check out the water levels simply by looking through the glass on its sides. It also has a stay-cool handle so you can get rid of hot handles while pouring water.
    Price: $74.18 (Used)

    4. Ovente KG83B 1.5-liter BPA Free Glass Cordless Electric Kettle

    Top 5 best selling Electric Kettles on Amazon: Black Friday Sale 2018

    Another great product from Ovente is this glass, metal, and plastic fused body that has a capacity of 1.5-Liter and made up of BPA-free plastic which is allergen-free. It has a cordless connector for the charger and a LED light indicator so that you can check out the water levels even at night when all the lights are turned off.

    The unique design makes it look fantastic on a tabletop or exactly wherever you want to use it. It has a 120V, 1100-Watt power supply that can heat up the water in just 7 minutes and that’s 1.5-Liter of water at its maximum capacity. Finally, it has a lot of fans on Amazon so if you are thinking of buying it, grabbing it during the early Black Friday Sale will be advisable although you can wait till Amazon switches to Black Friday Sale offers a few days later for a better deal.
    Price: $34.39 (Check it out on Amazon)

    5. COSORI 1.7-Liter Electric Kettle

    Top 5 best selling Electric Kettles on Amazon: Black Friday Sale 2018

    A stylish cordless electric kettle from COSORI, the C0171-GK looks majestic with its almost glass body with a stainless steel bottom and plastic handles that makes it completely transparent and illuminated with a blue light. It is manufactured with a 100% safe BPA-free plastic along with food-grade 304 stainless steel that prevents contamination while it’s heating elements provides an extra layer of resistance against allergens as it is concealed.

    It features British Strix thermostat technology that shuts off the kettle when the water is boiled. It has a maximum capacity of 1.7-Liter or 7.2 cups of hot water and can charge at the maximum 1,500W which means almost in 6 minutes or so.
    Price: $39.99 (Check it out on Amazon)

    6. Secura SWK-1701DB Electric Kettle

    Secura SWK-1701DB is made up of double-walled stainless steel body along with BPA-free plastic exterior. It can carry a maximum of 1.7-Liter and can heat up the water at 120V, 1500W which means, you can pour in boiled water in just 7 to 8 minutes at its maximum capacity. It features British Strix controls and has a stainless steel spout that can be cleaned easily. The exterior remains at a balmy temperature so that you don’t burn yourself touching a kettle with boiling water. It has a safety lock at the back that prevents any child from opening it without unlocking the switch that adds a layer of security and reliability.
    Price: $34.39 (Check it out on Amazon)

    7. Hamilton Beach 40885 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

    Hamilton Beach is indeed one of the best brands that you must check out if you are looking for Electric Kettle and it’s Hamilton Beach 40885 Electric Kettle is a perfect example. It is available in Red and Stainless Steel Silver color and carries a maximum capacity of 1.7-liters. It has a cord-less connector embedded on its base that allows easy and cord-free usage. It has a removable sprout filter that you can clean and attach for cleaner and safer water which boils at 1500W which is by far efficient and faster than a stovetop kettle. Made up of Stainless Steel and BPA-free plastic, the kettle prevents any contamination whatsoever.
    Price: $34.99 (New) and $26.10 (Used).

    8. BELLA 1.2-Liter Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle

    Top 5 best selling Electric Kettles on Amazon: Black Friday Sale 2018

    The BELLA 13622 Electric Kettle is an amalgamation of a modern electric kettle fused in a ceramic body that looks vibrantly stunning. It has a stainless steel base with cord-free 360-degrees swivel connector and has a 1200W heating element that can boil the water within the kettle and it’s has a varying max capacity i.e. either you can buy a 1.2-Liter or 1.5, 1.7 and finally 1.8-Liter. The timeless piece of ceramic makes it classy to be used anywhere across the house and not just the kitchen. It has an automatic shut off and boils dry protection and all other features that modern electric kettles have.
    Price: $29.99 (Check it out on Amazon)

    9. Aigostar Adam Glass Electric Kettle

    Top 5 best selling Electric Kettles on Amazon: Black Friday Sale 2018

    It is a 1.7-Liter electric kettle made up of quality glass and a stainless steel base combinedly keeping the water away from any allergens or deterrents as well as contamination. It uses automatic shut off and boil-dry protection system and has a glass body with blue illuminator so that you can look through without any hassle. It has a 1100W concealed heating element which can boil the water at the desired temperature in just 5 to 7 minutes and comes with non-slip keep a cool handle to prevent burns. It has a detachable sprout filter which is easy to clean while the cordless connector enables the user to boil the water wirelessly and take off the kettle when needed.
    Price: $19.99 (Check it out on Amazon)

    10. Hamilton Beach 40941 Electric Kettle

    Top 5 best selling Electric Kettles on Amazon: Black Friday Sale 2018

    This is a 1.7-Liter electric kettle from Hamilton Beach made up of a stainless steel base and plastic & glass upper body The kettle has a concealed heating elements and an easy-pour spot along with a cord-free connector to plug it with a power source. It features 6 one-touch temperature settings and boils the water with its 1500W heating element backed by a soft blue illuminator so that you can check if the water is hot enough or not without opening the lid. The kettle has automatic shutoff along with a boil-dry protection feature as well as 30-minute keep warm option so that you don’t have to boil the water again after some time. There is a standard version available too that you can check out here.
    Price: $49.99 (New), $42.49 (Used)

    There you go! This is the explicit list of top 10 best selling Electric Kettles on Amazon that you can check out during Black Friday Sale this month.

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