Review: Private Zone, all-around protection against intruders

    Welcome to a literal all-in-one photo and video hiding app ‘Private Zone’ which was formerly known as LEO Privacy Guard. It is truly an app that offers a wide range of services right from AppLock, adding decoy apps, Free VPN, backup, phone boost, and lot more. It is also one of the top five best photo and video hiding apps and here’s everything you need to know about it.

    The user interface
    Review: Private Zone, all-around protection against intruders
    First of all, the app is simple and easy to understand. It looks and operates similarly to the app Vault which is also one of the apps listed here. It has a blue theme that goes across all windows of the app. Tick to select photos and videos to hide away or use other services to go around.

    The ‘long’ list of features
    Review: Private Zone, all-around protection against intruders
    First of all, the app allows users to protect and private photos and videos in its vault that will stay away from prying eyes and intruders. You can hide anything that you want and keep a pattern or fingerprint or digital password to lock and unlock it and it’s that simple. But similar to AppLock, the Private Zone offers access to locking out Snapchat, Messenger, Gallery, WhatsApp, Facebook. Don’t want to lock all apps at once or want to lock different apps at different times, simply use the feature to customize your lock mode under different circumstances which is a great feature if you see.

    Although it might not be intriguing to many Private Zone offers a feature to customize the image shown on the lock screen. You can select whether you want to hide an app or clone an app wherein you will be able to hide a particular app or use two accounts on the same app using the Clone apps feature and that too safely, stable, and free to use Private Zone app.

    Review: Private Zone, all-around protection against intruders
    No more accidental deletes as this app has a recovery plus data backup feature that takes all the data or selected bits of information and keeps it as a backup in case if you ever need to or accidentally delete something and want to restore it. This ensures that the phone has plenty of storage while keeping the phone free from any accidents as such.

    Other features include an Anti-theft lost and found feature, harassment intercept to avoid spam calls and messages, break-in alerts to notify the user about intruders with their pictures that the phone will automatically capture if he or she is trying to sneak into the app lock. The app also has a speeding feature that boosts the performance of the phone further thereby making it an app with many features.

    No app is perfect but it is almost necessary that a person needs all the related features in an app since the requirements could differ. If you are willing for a private app that keeps apps, photos, videos, and other data a secret from others, you can surely pick Private Zone from the Google Play Store which is available at free-of-cost. If you are looking for a more secure app that Private Zone, then it must be sureshot AppLock which is the oldest photo and video hiding app on Google Play Store. Check out the Private Zone on Play Store!!!

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