Facebook to release a feature that tracks time spent on its Android app

Soon, Facebook will have a feature called “Your Time on Facebook” on its app that will facilitate users to track how much time they spend on the app each day. Facebook is currently developing the feature which is supposedly under wrap as no official statement has been released. As of now, engineer Jane Manchun Wong found the unreleased feature buried deep in the code of Facebook’s Android application where Wong has a history of finding out various other nuggets hidden in the codes before it releases.

Facebook to release a feature that tracks time spent on its Android app

According to the latest data published by an online measurement company called Similar Web, people usually spend around 58 minutes per day on the Facebook app as of June 2018. This particular feature will count the time spent on the app as well as allow the user to set daily limits on its usage. Once the user reaches the daily limit, he/she will receive notifications about the limit. Further, he/she can tweak the notification settings which will allow the user to limit its usage rather than sticking to the app for the whole day.

In an interview with TechCrunch, a spokesperson from Facebook confirmed that this particular feature is in development. He added that at Facebook, they continue developing new features that can help people spend their time on Facebook more wisely and efficiently, however, there are no details available on when the feature will be available for Android users. Facebook began developing the feature “Your Time on Facebook” since most of the bigwigs like Google, Apple, and others offer the same capability to their users.

Earlier in January, Mark Zuckerberg – founder and CEO of Facebook, announced changes in the platform where earlier, the company paid attention towards its news that cost the company 50 million fewer hours spent on Facebook and thus, the company has since shifted its focus towards providing services for people to make meaningful connections rather than being its addictive user.

As per the feature, it will calculate and display the amount of time spent on each day for the past seven days. The user will be able to Set Daily Reminders and limits on usage as well as tweak the notification settings as and when required.

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