A pride of adult lions ate away a group of poachers who had come into the Game reserve looking for rhinos in South Africa. Three men have been eaten alive by the predators of the Game reserve sometime between Sunday evening and Monday morning when they had entered the Shibuya Game Reserve situated in Kenton-on-Sea looking to hunt rhinos. After the terrific incident occurred, the authorities of the reserve collected the leftover things of the dead men such as three pairs of shoes, wire cutters, high-powered hunting rifles with silencers, and a type of ax that poachers use to remove the rhino horns.

Nick Fox, the owner of the game park told that the body parts that were found in the reserve include one skull, one piece of the pelvis, and the rest of the body was not recovered which leaves to a conclusion that they might be eaten completely. There is so little left that they don’t know exactly how many people have been killed. It is expected that there might be three poachers because three pairs of shoes have been recovered and three sets of gloves. He also stated that the rhino poaching groups generally consist of three people.

Although the incident was sad to hear, it is a good message to the poachers out there who enter the reserves risking their lives to hunt rhinos. After a day of the incident, one of the rangers from the reserve stumbled upon the remains of the dead poachers inside the reserve. It was then when the alerts were signaled and police came down to the reserve and investigation began. On Wednesday, the employees and police of Shibuya found that the gear of the poachers was scattered through the thick greeneries at the reserve.

A police spokesperson, Captain Mali Govender revealed that the detectives are investigating the case and the results will be out soon of how many people have been killed in the lion attack. The identities have been unknown till date but the firearms have been taken by the police and would be sent to the ballistics labs to identify the users.


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