With the arrival of summer and the weather turning sufficiently warm in specific parts of the nation, this week is turning out to be a treat for stargazers. What could be better than lying down on a blanket in the backyard and staring at the night sky? To add up to the excitement of stargazers, a report from Mashable suggests that Saturn would be visible in the sky alongside a ‘strawberry moon’.

On Wednesday, June 27, this season would be witness to one of the first major celestial events. As the Earth would come directly in between the Sun and Saturn on Wednesday, stargazers could take a look at the brightly shining Saturn in the eastern sky after sunset. The most suitable time to view the three-ringed member of our Solar System is estimated to be near midnight and it is expected that it would appear in the sky over the course of the next several months.

While Saturn being at its brightest on Wednesday the sky also has another treat to offer to stargazers. At approximately 12:53am EDT, a full strawberry moon would rise at a distance not far from Saturn’s spot on the same night. The strawberry moon would accompany Saturn in its path across the sky. It is interesting to note that the term ‘strawberry moon’ does not signify the hue of the Moon but the time of the year when it appears. The strawberry moon denotes the first full moon of summer which was once used as a reference by farmers for marking the start of the strawberry picking season.

For astronomy enthusiasts, these two celestial events mark the beginning of a splendid time of the year. Therefore, it is suggested that you should coordinate your digital planner with the big dates coming up in the space calendar so that nothing goes amiss such as the partial solar eclipse slated for August 11.


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