Since time immemorial, there have been heated arguments on the animal ban from the circuses and the heat has reignited again after an elephant in Germany fell into the front seated audience in a circus. The video footage of the circus performance has captured two elephants suddenly falling on the third one, thereby making it forcefully move towards the edge of the ring. The third elephant rolled out of the ring and crashed onto the ground by the other two elephants. The audience evacuated the place instantly so that no one could get any harm from the brutal fight. No one from the spectators was injured to that extent but, as reported by the circus chief, one of the audiences had received severe cuts on his leg.

The circus staff tried to have control over the elephants with bullhooks and a chair all the time inside the ring. It has been reported that one of the elephants named Kenia, managed to elope from the circus last year and was wondering on the streets for some time before the circus officials captivated it again.

PETA, an animal rights group reported that the elephant that was attacked by the other two in the ring suffered from swollen legs. PETA organized a meeting where all the MPs of the country were gathered to outlaw the caging of wild animals for circuses. The animal right group tried to explain that when the animals are forced to perform in a particular way, they are threatened of physical punishment to such an extent that they get into a level of frustration in the unnatural environment and try to hurt anyone and everyone around them.

The UK government decided to ban all the wild animals in circuses by the year 2020. The Animal Defenders International (ADI) gathered all the leading government personalities across the world to ban the animal participation in circuses and any other public entertainment purposes. The president of ADI, Jan Creamer said that displaying wild animals in the circuses is a recipe for disaster, where animals and people are put in a public place to cause harm and get harmed.


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