Pierce Brosnan expresses his thanks and love to his role as James Bond

    Pierce Brosnan, who has been featured in several movies and TV shows in his long film career, but he has left a remarkable impact on the audience’s mind with his outstanding performances as James Bond. He is much popular for playing the role of James Bond. Though, a couple of known actors has portrayed this character actors on the big screen.

    Oscar award winner Sean Connery was the first one who played the role of James Bond in a 1962 spy film Dr No. However, an Irish actor and film producer, Brosnan has received immense appreciation and love for his performances as James Bond agent 007. Recently, Pierce revealed that he could have a wonderful career because of the James Bond character.

    In the latest interview, which was held with a reputed media website, Pierce Brosnan talked about the legacy of depicting James Bond and how his acting work has been affected by the character. The Golden Eye actor revealed that Bond is the gift which offers constantly, and because of the character, he has been able to have a successful career. Apart from that, “Tomorrow Never Dies” actor also disclosed that once you have been branded as a Bond, it will be with you forever, so you have to make peace with it. Besides that, a few months ago, a watch party of the Bond film GoldenEye was even held by our beloved actor Pierce Brosnan.

    Reportedly, before Pierce Brosnan, the role of James Bond had been played by another five well-known actors. Pierce was debuted in 1995 with GoldenEye as the intelligent agent. Then, the character was further essayed by the actor in 1997 Tomorrow Never Dies and 1999 The World Is Not Enough. The last outing of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond was in Die Another Day (2002), which also marked the 40th anniversary of James Bond series. James Bon agent 007 was portrayed by the actor for eight years, from 1995 to 2002. While, in 2005, the mantle of Bond was picked by the Hollywood actor Daniel Craig with Casino Royale from Brosnan.

    A salary of $4 million was reportedly received by Pierce Brosnan for his first James Bond film. And, according to the reports, his salary was rose to $16.5 million for his fourth film, in terms of appearance, elegance, and grace several called Brosnan as the critical James Bond.

    Apart from that, Pierce Brosnan also disclosed that after finishing his final Bond film, he wanted to do one more film. There are several reports which suggest that the film was supposed to be released in 2004 but wasn’t produced and Brosnan retired from the role in 2004.

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