PewDiePie a Youtuber journey to success !

    Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is known  as PewDiePie. He is a Swedish Youtuber, gamer, comedian, and philanthropist,best known primarily for his Let’s Play and comedic videos formatted shows. His net worth is estimated to be $45 million.

    PewDiePie Early Life –

    PewDiePie was born on 24 October 1989 (Gothenburg, Sweden). His mother worked as a Chief Information Officer and his father is also a corporate executive. He was interested in arts during his childhood and would draw popular video game characters. He would skip classes to play video games at an internet cafe with friends. He studied at the Chalmers University of Technology where he studied industrial economics and technology management. In 2011 he left the university to focus on his Youtube career.

    PewDiePie Career Life –

    Initially PewDiePie content mainly consisted of Let’s Play videos.  During the early stage, his commentaries on horror games made up his best-known content. Slowly he expanded into other genres. through his Let’s play video, he communicated personally with the audience. He is known for his idiosyncratic sense of humor. The nature of his videos has been often described as goofy, energetic, and obnoxious.

    As PewDiePie channels grew his content became more diversified. He started uploading content on vlogs, comedy shorts, and formatted shows. The music on his channel is often accompanied by animation, live footage, or fan art. The music videos are also collaborative in nature. Initially, he only edited the videos for his channel.

    Under the name of Pewdie, PewDiePie originally registered in a Youtube account. He 1st registered in December 2006. Later he forgot the password and changed the name to PewDiePie on 29.April.2010. The 1st channel became active in 2012 which served as 2nd channel. Years later it was abandoned. Since he left college halfway through his parents did not support him financially. He then worked working at a hot dog stand, and harbor captain, selling prints of his Photoshop art so that he could fund his early videos.

    In the early years, PewDiePie majorly focused on video game commentaries mostly action and horror video games. He reached 5 million subscribers on 18 February 2013. Some of his work includes – Pwediepie without context, Ranking guys based on appearance, Gym fails is hilarious, I kept this hidden for 10 years, She showers with her mon, etc.





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