One Of Your Favourite Character Might Die! But Who Is It?

    As Netflix originals series Money Heist is back with its fourth season. Yaa you read it right La Casa De Papel or say Money Heist is renewed for its fourth season. Netflix’s already officially announced the release date of Fourth Season, and even the premier date to is out it will be on-air on “April 3rd, 2020”.

    One of Netflix’s favourite Spanish series is all set to win the hearts of its fans. As Netflix by making the announcement has confirmed that the show is renewed and even its filming has been wrapped up now.

    One Of Your Favourite Character Might Die!!!!  Who Is It? Do You know that??

    As if you remember the end of the show’s Season Three finale where the professor decides to kill in one of the scenes and tries hard to avoid his principles which he strictly follows. And when Alicia tricked professor thinking that Lisbon was dead, and the professor decides to declare War.

    And here again, the same question arises who is going to die and yet the mystery is unsolved. For this, we have to wait a bit until the show the Fourth season gets air on the streaming giant Netflix.

    Is there any plans for the Show Season Five?

    There is no such official news, but the producer of Money Heist and the streaming giant Netflix have given a hint to us about a possible season of “Money Heist” Season Fifth. And as our sources reported that Jesus Colmenar said that there would be the “Fifth season of Money Heist”.

    When is La Casa De Papel ‘Money Heist’ Season 4 on our screens?

    Netflix Original’s most beloved Spanish series is all set to premiere its Fourth Season on 3rd April 2020. Alex Pina, the beloved character of the show, confirmed that the production team and filming of the series continuously follow part three, which already wrapped up in 2018.

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