Lucifer Season 5 release date shifted due to Coronavirus Outbreak, When will it air?

    Fans eagerly waiting for Lucifer season 5 to premiere on Netflix, here’s bad news as they need to wait longer to get their eyes on the next season of Lucifer. Launch date has been shifted due to coronavirus pandemic that has forced people to stay in their home and also stopped the production of all the upcoming tv shows around the globe. Nearly all the tv shows that are in the production stage are witnessing delay in the launch and the same goes for the Lucifer season 5.

    Season 5 of Lucifer has been among the most anticipated shows on Netflix. Fans have been waiting for season 5 for around a year now as season 4 of Lucifer was released back on May 8, 2019. Also, anticipation level skyrocketed after Netflix announced that season 5 Lucifer will be the last and final season in the series.

    Producer Joe Henderson has taken to Twitter to address fans directly regarding the season five release date amid the uncertainty.

    In the tweet on 20 April, Joe wrote, “To all #Lucifans out there wondering when season 5 (part 1) drops — chances are, we’ll know when you do! There have been some post-production hiccups because of Covid, but we’re working through them pretty well. Hopefully we’ll all have an answer soon!”

    The tweet received over 2k likes that shows how much eagerly fans are waiting to get any information regarding the release of Lucifer season 5.

    Apparently, the tweet aggravated the fans and Joe was bombarded with sharp questions from his devoted fan base.

    One fan replied: “You know we’re not gonna stop asking right? But it’s cool we know things have been delayed, but the asking is just part of our routine at this point.”

    A second added: “Thank you for letting us know. God knows how much we want this season. We hope it’s soon.”

    While a third said: “Happy to know y’all are working through it! And thank you for the update. Just not knowing what’s happening is what’s driving me crazy than not knowing the date.”

    And a fourth weighed in: “Thank you Joe, for the update! But you do know that we’ll keep pushing Netflix’s buttons by asking for the #LuciferSeason5 release date, right? Take care and stay safe #Lucifer.”

    Previously, season 5 of Lucifer was expected to be aired in May 2020. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the release has been delayed for an uncertain period of time. However, seeing the past record and experience for the history of other series, we can assume that the season might witness a delay of around 6 months and might get released by November 2020.

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