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Technology has completely transformed many areas of life in recent times thanks to the incredible advances that are continually happening. The business world, in particular, has undergone extraordinary changes due to technological advances, and it can be used to assist a company in many different ways. Sales are just one area where technology has been introduced to make tremendous improvements. How sales are carried out in today’s day and age is vastly different than      20 years ago. So, what are these changes? Read on to discover how technology has changed the way sales are now made in the world of business.

Social Media

Sales used to be about making strong connections in your local area previously, but the world is now a much smaller place due to the rise of social media. A business can now use social media to engage with their target audience all around the world and encourage users to buy from them. Additionally, the two-way communication street that social media provides enables businesses to get valuable feedback so that they can make improvements to the operation.

Big Data

Big Data can provide businesses with deep insights into customer behavior and buying habits, which can enable them to find customers and meet their needs with complete accuracy. The ability to capture, analyze, and manage enormous sets of data is incredibly useful for a business by enabling them to focus their efforts on promoting leads to maximize profits.


Smartphones are, of course, an enormous part of life in today’s digital world. They have also completely changed the way in which sales are made as a consumer can easily browse, research, and make purchases no matter where they are. Additionally, they provide salespeople with the ability to sell on the go and shortly after meeting potential customers.


Leading on from this, e-commerce has forever changed consumer habits with the ability to shop from the comfort of their own home 24/7 and the opportunity to purchase products from a store halfway around the world. Ecommerce stores can also integrate with larger sales channels, such as ecommerce eBay integration so that their products are visible and available for purchase on the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms.


Automation technology has been in development for a long time but is now starting to change how businesses operate. It is possible for sales teams to automate simple, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks like scheduling appointments and sending follow up emails. This can free up time for the staff to focus on more important tasks and reduce stress.

These are just a few of the ways that technology has changed the way in which sales are now made. Technology is continually changing and improving, so a business needs to be current in order to stay competitive – this also means that there are likely to be new changes in the near future and being aware of this technology and willing to embrace it can help a business to thrive and find greater success.

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