Logan Paul might be the victim of a sex tape escape, along with also the YouTube celebrity has a whole great deal to say about doing it.

Late on Saturday, a few video struck at websites which demonstrated the networking superstar participated with another guy. He chose to seem on the accounts Even though there’s absolutely not any affirmation that Logan is that the individual seen in the movie.

Apparently taking aim in the rumors,” Logan tweeted,”100k retweets and sick release the entire sex tape”

He tweeted that a string of additional answers, although not covering if he was shown by the movie.

Logan Paul had awakened some controversy within the past. Back in January, he also caused a stir after stating on a episode of his podcast Impaulsive he was intending to”go gay for per month” The announcement drew a backlash by lots of LGBT Groups, such as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which ascribed Paul,”That is how it functions, @LoganPaul.”

Paul would later apologize to the announcement.

The sex tape and Logan answers — aided the title take of the YouTuber in the early morning on Sunday and caused a stir.

Logan biting and’s instant reply to the leak seemed to be carrying the webpage in the playbook. The creator of Barstool Sports, dave Portnoy, came out after a video surfaced that showed him having sex shortly. The Barstool Sports primary happened to Twitter to take credit and provide a warning to anybody about sharing it thinking which they’d be violating the law.

“The unknown man seems to maintain peak physical form, emphasized (although not confined to) the muscular power, endurance, and endurance to execute an exceptionally difficult, sexual activity,” the research study.

Whoever published Logan Paul — whether it’s really that the celebrity on the clip’s sex tape — will face legal problem. Fueled in part by a run of high-profile flows of nude pictures and movies of actors, a variety of countries passed so-called”revenge pornography” legislation which make it illegal to discuss explicit photographs or videos of someone without their permission.

There have been consequences. A Pennsylvania person found guilty of a escape that included pictures of version Kate Upton and celebrity Jennifer Lawrence has been sentenced to 18 months .

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