Ignorance is not accepted in the case of healthcare and the validation for this fact could be found in a recent instance when a North Californian doctor has been suspended for her inappropriate attitude towards a patient. The doctor was employed in the emergency room and has been accused of cursing and mocking an individual who complained of an anxiety attack.

According to reports of the San Jose Mercury News, a contract doctor at the El Camino Hospital in Los Gatos, Dr. Beth Keegstra has been suspended on the basis of a video recorded on June 11 which showed her questioning a 20 year old patient Samuel Bardwell whether he was sick or making an attempt to secure drugs. Samuel’s father, Donald Bardwell has stated that his son experiences frequent bouts of anxiety attacks for which he takes the prescription drug Klonopin. However, Samuel had failed to pick up a prescription for two days prior to an attack and collapsing as a result of basketball practice. Owing to his condition, Samuel was transported to El Camino’s emergency room by an ambulance.

The video of Keegstra mocking and abusing Samuel Bardwell was recorded by his father Donald Bardwell. The doctor even scoffed at Samuel when he complained regarding problems with inhaling. In response to the complaint, Keegstra commented that he must be dead by now and that he was the least sick among the people that are dying at the hospital. The inhumane nature of such treatment could be observed in the fact that it was meted out to Samuel after a wait of three hours to see a doctor. At another instance in the video, Keegstra hurled expletives at Samuel alongside paying minimal attention to the condition of the patient.

The hospital issued a statement to ABC News which stated the sincere apologies of the hospital and informed that the hospital is working directly in collaboration with the patient. The hospital has also notified their contracted provider for emergency services regarding the removal of Keegstra from the lost of physicians approved to facilitate emergency care services at the hospital.


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