On Monday, the drug control agency of China stated that the United States should exert efforts for reducing its demand for opioids which could help in addressing the concerns pertaining to the use of synthetic drug fentanyl. The agency has also committed to improve cooperation after alleged claims regarding the role of Chinese production of fentanyl in fostering the opioid crisis in the US.

The US President Donald Trump had informed about the efforts of China and the US to prevent the entry of cheap and fatal fentanyl produced in China in the US market while on a state visit to Beijing in November last year. In a congressional investigation into the use of fentanyl in the United States which lasted for a year, the findings suggested that the substance could be bought easily from Chinese manufacturers and delivered to the US owing to profound gaps in security in the US Postal Service.

The deputy head of the National Narcotics Commission of China, Liu Yuejin, informed in a press conference that drug control agencies in China would be dedicated to fostering of drug control cooperation among China and the United States now as well as in the years to come. He added that in order to resolve such an issue the United States should commit itself to reduction in drug consumption markets and higher demands of opioids. He also informed that despite the manufacture of certain new psychoactive substances in China and their sales in the United States, those substances are not being abused or trafficked in China as of now.

In response to the queries regarding impact of the ongoing conflicts in the bilateral relationship among the US and China, Liu stated that political factors would not deter the commitment of China towards addressing drug manufacture and trafficking. Beijing has already initiated measures for inhibiting the production and exports of synthetic drugs alongside including fentanyl as well as 22 other related compounds among controlled substances.

Estimates from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that opioids were accountable for over 33,000 deaths in 2015 in the US alongside implying that fentanyl is 100 times higher than morphine and 50 times higher than heroin in terms of potency.


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