According to the health officials, not washing the hands properly has now led to contamination of food that has made almost 40 people sick at a weekend party that was held in North Carolina. The health director of Mecklenburg County, Gibbie Harris reportedly said that some of the people who attended the Saturday night party are now suffering from a highly contagious disease called Shigella.

As stated by Harris, Shigella leads to diarrhea and it is spread through direct or indirect contact with the feces. He also stated that one of the cooks who prepared the food for the party came back to the kitchen from the loo without washing his hands properly that has now made more than a dozen of people sick.

According to the health officials, more than a 100 people attended the birthday party and now the disease can spread to more people because it takes a little time to show up the symptoms. The Charlotte’s emergency medical service reported that they received emergency calls for help from the particular apartment complex where the party was held on Saturday. The cook who prepared food for the party is now responsible for the illness that has more than 40 people hospitalized and there might be more such cases in the coming week or in a few more days.

The medical officials stated that they received five different emergency calls in the first hour that started around 4:45 pm on Sunday and that continued till midnight. People reportedly complained of experiencing gastrointestinal problems along with other symptoms and were immediately hospitalized. The health officials said that not washing the hands properly has caused the spread of the bacterial infection.

While consuming raw food, people have a high chance of acquiring the Shigella infection. The Shigella germs also have the tendency to contaminate fruits and vegetables that are grown in places where human waste is excreted. People need to be careful while changing the diapers of a sick child or a sick person, as getting in touch with the fecal waste can get them the Shigella infection. Not washing the hands thoroughly after coming out of the loo, and consuming food with the same hands, could make people acquire the Shigella germs in a matter of few hours.


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