Heartland Season 14 updates, what is the release date of season?

    Fans, who are waiting for another season of the series, here’s the good news for you. After the pretty long delay, the production of Heartland Season 14 has started again. On 9 September 2020, it was officially announced by the makers that shooting that was affected by on-going COVID-19 pandemic, has begun once again. They also mentioned that it will continue till the end of this year. Hence it is clear that Season 14 is going to be released on screens. Please read further to check what we know about the release date.

    But before that, if anybody new to this show, we let you know that, Heartland is a Canadian family drama TV show, debuted on October 14, 2007, on CBC. It is produced by Tom Cox. The series has successfully winded up its 13 seasons with outstanding reviews from audience as well as critics. It has also received 8.4/10 IMDb Ratings. This series has become one of the longest running series on CBC. The series is also known for hilarious scenes and its family play.

    Let’s dive in to know about the cast, release date and the exciting plot.

    Also Read Heartland Season 14: Release date, details and cast.


    In season 13, we saw that as when Amy reverts to the ranch seeing her mom’s death, she chooses to renew her mother’s work of healing impaired horses. By gifted with her mom’s ability to correlate with horses, the show Heartland showcases Amy and her family going through the ups and downs of life at the paternal farm.

    Cast of Heartland Season 14

    The series stars the celebrities like –

    • Shaun Johnston as Jack Bartlett.
    • Michelle Morgan as Lou Fleming.
    • Chris Potter as father Tim.
    • Graham Wardle as Ty Borden.

    So far, the show Heartland has proclaimed 13 parts, and it is now restored for its 14th season.

    Heartland Season 14 release date

    In May, CBC declared that the show would be restored for its season 14. Barring any lags because of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, According to The Cinemaholic records – the viewers can suspect season 14 to release in early 2021 in Canada, ensured by its launch in the United States later in the year.

    Trailer for Season 14

    So far, there is no official trailer for the fourteenth instalment of the show – Heartland, but it is useful as of series is resumed and will come back with the 14th part soon.
    The report came from the network of the show in Canada, CBC, in May 2020. Officially, it was revived for season 14 with a massive 22 other CBC new series.

    Season 14 Plot

    This show is a multi-generational family adventure that’s set in an eponymous plantation, located in Alberta, Canada. The story’s about a family and their appointments to hold the farm collectively. The plotline centres on their struggles, complicated ups, and downs & trying moments, as they together try to tend to hurt the abandoned horses.

    Amy Fleming and her older sis Lou, and grandpa Jack are the main roles who face the many challenges of managing this farm being in their family for many generations. The family leads to tired or abandoned horses and helps them find their original homes. The 14th part will be following the same axiom and centre on Amy, with her incredible powers to read horses, as she is supervised by her near ones, in carrying forward this kind of work for many years.

    Stay tuned for more spicy updates on Heartland part 14. We’ll be right back with the latest news here!!


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