Dee Dee Mega Doo Doo: news agency where screwing news is a hobby

    Amazing clips of Dee Dee Mega Doo Doo

    Dee Dee Mega Doo Doo. It’s nice to start out the year off with a clip whose quality is if my reading square measure correct… legendary. The stakes: couldn’t be higher. The screw-up? Couldn’t be higher. I mean, Dee Dee Mega Doo Doo? Is that any thanks to pronouncing the name of a cop fallen within the line of duty? They merit our utmost respect! They need to have their names pronounced properly. however, you recognize. thus nice square measure the hopes of mice and men, etcetera, etcetera. simply witness as WPSD’s Brianna Clark discusses the death of Deidre Mengedoht WHO got hit by a drunk driver on Dec twenty-ninth throughout a routine traffic stop. sadly she pronounces her name as DeeDee Mega Doo Doo. Yikes!

    Death isn’t a joke!!

    Look. Death is tough to influence. however, the smallest amount we will do is pronounce the name right! The name caught on quickly on Twitter, with several giving their spins on the silly name, ever-changing their handles to Dee Dee Mega Doo Doo, or showing videos of them contumaciously voice communication this beloved new web obsession.

    Do you need to know more about some additional concerning tousled news clips?

    We examine this video of a child teleporting into this clip because of some weird news redaction screw up. you may believe, American state except for a second, that you simply board some weird fantasy universe. If you would like to cringe although, examine that awful clip of a person WHO will solely be called man. Wacky, a reputation that little question is clearly the clarion decision to quality. Or if you only need to grasp concerning all about those clips of individuals hopped-up on the news, well, we tend to get that too. we tend to get it all folks! All concerning the dumb news clips! Enjoy!

    They’ve created police a joke!!

    It’s exhausting to imagine a worse sin for an area news anchor than to enounce the name of a recently deceased lawman. however, one anchor in Kentucky did simply that earlier on.

    Deidre Mengedoht was a metropolis lawman WHO tragically died in a very automobile accident on Dec 24, within which a teamster, WHO police say was beneath the influence, affected her vehicle and caused a fireplace. When, per Mashable, native news station WPSD rumoured on the officer’s ceremonial earlier on, anchor Brianna Clark somehow pronounced the officer’s name as “Dee Dee Mega Doo Doo.”

    Not only partners but teleprompters also cheats

    There square measure a great deal of how that thing will wrong with live news, from a Teleprompter suddenly failing to a slip by somebody else within the newsroom. Mengedoht is, it’s truthful to mention, a difficult-to-pronounce name, and therefore the officer did so pass the nickname “Dee Dee.” however yet, Clark in real-time apologized in a very series of tweets.

    “What you don’t see within the video is my apology in real-time when realizing what I aforementioned. I cannot say this enough: I sincerely apologize to everybody I actually have displeased, particularly the officers family and friends. I failed to mean to mention what I aforementioned and that i was able to correct myself in a very later news. i’m embarrassed, discomfited and sick at myself. WHO ever denote the video of my mistake has currently taken the eye off of the fallen officer, turning it into a riant matter,” the news anchor wrote on her Twitter account.

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