Delonte West: Where is the retired Basketball player now? Delonte West Net Worth!

    Delonte West or Delonte Maurice West is one of the infamous names in the world of Basketball. Delonte is a former American Basketball player, who has played in the NBA. Certainly, he has played for popular basketball teams such as Boston Celtics, Seattle Supersonics, Cleveland Cavaliers and Dallas Mavericks etc. Today we will look into Delonte’s life and his career.

    Delonte West’s Life

    Delonte Maurice West was born on 26 July, 1983, in the capital of American i.e. Washington DC. He is multiracial with African American, Piscataway Native American and European American heritage. Moreover, West is currently married to Caressa Madden, with whom he has two sons.

    West studied in Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Maryland, where he excelled at basketball. Later, Delonte went to St. Joseph’s University and carried on with his sport. During that period, he played in the NCAA Tournament.

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    Earlier, West stated that he abused drugs, used to self-harm and spent time in children’s hospital. Later in 2008, Delonte was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, which according to him increased his difficulties with depression and stress.

    Delonte West’s Career

    Delonte’s professional career as a Basketball player began in 2004. It was when he left the University and was selected by the Boston Celtics. Later in 2007, the Celtics traded him to Seattle SuperSonics, along with two other players, in exchange for Ray Allen and Glen Davis. Subsequently, West was a part of three team trades that led him to the Cleveland Cavaliers. That year, he scored a season high 20 points against the Boston Celtics. Later that year, West signed a three year contract with the Cavaliers for $22.7 million.

    Source: 98.5 The Sports Hub

    In March 2009, West set a career high with eight steals against the Miami Heat. Over the 2009-10 season, Delonte’s recorded average is 8.8 points in 25 minutes per game. Then in 2010, Cavaliers traded West to the Minnesota Timberwolves, but he soon got back with Boston Celtics. In 2011, West signed up with the Dallas Mavericks, and averaged 9.6 points per game. He was then suspended and waived by the Mavericks in 2012.

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    At last, during 2013-2015, West was acquired by Texas Legends, Fujian Xunxing, Los Angeles Clippers, Shanghai Sharks, Guaros de Lara and finally back to Texas Legends. However, in April 2015, Delonte left the Legend’s due to season ending injury.

    Delonte West Net Worth

    He may have been a great basketball player, but Delonte later met misfortune. Forbes had reported that Delonte West has earned around $16 million throughout his career. But due to his mental health, drugs etc, Delonte struggled a lot. Sadly, his current net worth stands at $1000. According to the reports, West had taken a job at Furniture store due to financial difficulties.

    In February 2016, Delonte was clicked barefoot in Houston, in a hospital gown. Later that year, a picture of him begging in Maryland went viral. Subsequently, it grabbed the attention of people and talks about his homelessness emerged. However, he cleared that, while the photo was genuine, he has a home. Then in January 2020, a video of West being beaten up circulated. Recently, on 28 September, West’s photos of panhandling went viral yet again. After that, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban picked him from a Dallas gas station and offered to pay for rehabilitation. He also provided West a hotel room to stay in.

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