Dark Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast And All You Need To Know

    Netflix is expected to release the third season of its original series in German language.

    Three seasons of German-language-based show, Dark have already come out and it’s not enough for the fans. The viewers are yearning for more but the question lies whether Netflix is happy enough to renew the series once again. Many even refer to Dark as the Stranger Things for Europe. The story-line of the series is based in the 1980’s period and there is a lot of dark magic taking place. The series has ended up bringing a lot of fans from all over the globe. It goes without saying that we have to such a point that we are actually facing nothing but this tension of what must we do with the latest season of Dark. It has become a lot more riveting and complicated, in comparison to Stranger Things.

    Dark Season 3 Release Date

    If reports are believed to be true then the third season of Dark is expected to hit the theatres on June 26, 2020. However, we are yet to hear from them regarding any possible announcements. It is possible that they might have faced delay, with regards to the release date due to the current Coronavirus situation. It is highly possible that it may face an unprecedented delay. However, no official announcement has been made with this regard.

    Dark Season 3 Cast Members

    Following are the cast members who are expected to return with the third season of Dark

    • Louis Hoffman as teen Jonas
    • Lisa Vicari as Martha
    • Andreas Pietschmann as older Jonas
    • Jordis Triebel as Katharina
    • Lee van Acken as the woman from the future (unnamed)
    • Mark Waschke as Noah
    • Moritz Jahn as Magnus
    • Sandra Borgmann as old Elisabeth
    • Carlotta von Falkenhayn as Elisabeth
    • Dietrich Hollinderbäumer earliest Jonas
    • Leopold Hornung as Wöller
    • Nele Trebs as Katharina
    • Oliver Masucci as Ulrich Nielsen
    • Winfried Glatzeder as old Ulrich
    • Gina Stiebitz as Franziska Doppler

    Dark Season 3 Plot Line

    The third season of The Dark is expected to put two questions into perspective. Over the last three seasons, we have seen how several events led to the ultimate disappearance of Jonas. Other than that, we also have a new impending question, which puts into question as to what exactly caused the disappearance of Jonas? It is highly possible that both the questions will receive their answer in the upcoming season. However, it seems like fans will have to wait quite a bit before the new season comes up.

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