Creed III: When is it going to hit theatres? Does the series renewal or not?

    Creed was released in November 2015 and got amazing positive reviews from both critics and audiences, and that actually took it to the worldwide box office. In total, Creed earned over $173 million all over the world. Instead of Sylvester Stallone being back as the Italian Stallion, he came back as simply Rocky Balboa and helped train Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed, who’s the son of his friend and one-time rival, Apollo Creed in Creed 2.

    Creed III got confirmed officially on February 25, 2020, that it was ongoing development. The third part also got another new writer to have a helping hand in writing the script in Zach Baylin, writer of the upcoming film, Will Smith vehicle King Richard. This means all three Creed films so far were written by three different writers, firstly Ryan Coogler wrote Creed and Juel Taylor wrote Creed II. The director for the film it’s confirmed yet, but Michael B. Jordan is definitely known to be back as Adonis Creed.

    When will it come out?

    It is not clear yet about when Creed III will start its production, as star Michael B. Jordan has a very busy schedule. As many delays and production stop caused by the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, it can be possibly said that Creed III will be even later than it firstly would’ve been. At this point, it would be considered safe to say filming won’t start at least till the beginning of 2021, which makes it possible to come out on the end of 2021 if production starts early enough in the year. If it doesn’t, it could even be 2022.

    What will be the story of Creed 3?

    Creed II had neatly completed Adonis Creed’s story, it is uncertain about what the characters and series could take which depends on the director and story writers. Creed II doesn’t box the story into a corner, but instead it makes way for Adonis to finally step out of his father’s shadow and stand on his own feet. In that aspect, it can be similar to Rocky III. After first losing to Apollo Creed in Rocky and then finally defeating him in Rocky II, Rocky Balboa made a name for himself in Rocky III.

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