Cheer Season 2: What Monica Aldama has to say about the new season?

    Netflix’s original docu-series Cheer has won over the hearts of people around the world. This eye opening show has been on the top ever since it’s release. But now, people are hoping and asking for another season of Cheer on Netflix. There has been various speculations regarding the new season. However, the Navarro Cheer Head Monica Aldama has commented on the possibility of Cheer Season 2. But before that, let’s know more about the show.

    What is Cheer about?

    As mentioned above, Cheer is an American docu-series, an Original by Netflix. Created by Greg Whiteley, it follows the journey of becoming a cheerleader. Hence, Cheer revolves around the Navarro College Bulldogs Cheer leading team from Texas. Certainly, it is a team of 40 members led by the head and coach Monica Aldama. Subsequently, the show focuses on major events of their lives, leading to the National Cheer-leading Championship at Daytona, Florida.

    This docu-series majorly revolves around the lives and journey of five Cheer Team members. The show is said to have “perfectly captured the highs and lows of what it takes to be a cheerleader.”

    Cheer: Reception and Awards

    The show has been a hit. The reception was quite crazy. Moreover, Netflix’s Cheer was critically acclaimed as well. Above all, the Rotten Tomatoes gave an approval ranking of 96% to the show. Cheer is reviewed to be “all consuming” and an “uplifting” show. In fact, Rolling Stone marked the story of Cheers as “…it’s Apocalypse Now with pompoms,”

    Ever since the release of the show, the cheerleaders have been invited to various talk shows. Moreover, they have been involved in breaking the stereotypes around cheer-leading and spreading positivity around the world. Also, the show has been a recipient of the Primetime Emmy Awards. To be precise, Cheers has won 3 Emmys out of 6 nominations in 2020.

    Possibility of Cheer Season 2!

    Cheer’s popularity has led to a demand for the second season. Nonetheless, the same question has been asked to the show’s star and cheer coach Monica Aldama. Recently, Monica made a comment on the renewal of the show. In an interview, the Navarro College Cheer coach teased, “I don’t know anything about the Cheer…” While her Dancing With the Stars partner Val added to the joke saying “I’m going to be on the Cheer!’

    Source: Forbes

    Certainly, Monica Aldama has been denying to know anything about the sequel. When she was asked the same question earlier, she had the same reply. Upon asking about the plans for a new season, she had said “I don’t know anything about a season 2”. However, she said they were enjoying the outcomes. She said, “We are just happy to keep enjoying all the wonderful things that are happening with season one.” Hence as of now, there is no confirmation regarding season 2 of Cheer.

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