No matter what field of business you’re in, the chances are you have many rivals who you compete against. With customers and clients having more choice than ever, it’s important that you do all that you can to stand out for all the right reasons. Going green can be a great way for others to take notice of your company, so if you’re looking to save money and decrease your company’s impact on the planet, here are 5 tips to help make your business green while saving money.

Turn Off Equipment

No matter how big or small your workplace is, you could be wasting tons of energy without even realising. Laptops, PCs, and other electrical equipment left running and not in use can increase your energy bill, so if you’re the last one in the office before the working day ends, make sure that you go around each desk to ensure no equipment is switched on.

Use Eco-friendly Cleaners

Using natural and biodegradable cleaning products can not only reduce your exposure to harsh chemicals and toxins, but help make your business greener. If you’ve run out of soap for the staff bathroom, picking a greener option instead can help make sure you’re doing your bit for the environment. If you have a kitchen area, using ingredients like bicarbonate of soda and vinegar can work just as well to clean your work surfaces.

Find a Green Energy Supplier

When it comes to heating and electricity, finding the best supplier on the market that uses renewable sources of energy should be your number one priority. If you’re serious about keeping costs down as well, you may want to consider using Utilities Bidder where you can compare the UK’s top business utilities suppliers such as E.ON and Bulb.

Recycle Outside the Box

If you’ve got into the habit of recycling at home, why not transfer your ways to the workplace too? You will be happy to know that practically anything and everything can be recycled these days, so if you have any equipment that’s seen better days, or you’re wanting to get rid of office furniture, it’s best to recycle them, rather than send it to landfill. Also, instead of buying brand new items for your workplace, why not opt for vintage or used office furniture? Not only will doing this save you money, but you will be more environmentally aware too.

Engage with Your Employees

As the head of a business, employees will look up to you and follow your lead, so engaging with your team and letting them know the importance of being eco-friendly can help make sure they follow suit to keep your business running greener and more efficiently.

We’re all aware how serious of an issue climate change is, therefore, the more we can do now to keep our planet greener, the better. No matter the size of your company, or how long you’ve been in operation, there are lots of things that you can do to go green which can save you money too.

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