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Newly appointed NASA administrator supports Space Force proposal

Recently there have been many speculations pertaining to the establishment of a separate military division for space termed as Space Force by the Trump Administration. The program has received the support of another formidable ally in the form of NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine who helmed the reign of NASA recently. It is interesting to note that he has been selected by the Trump administration.

Bridenstine presented his views in a recent interview in which he stated that space is becoming a field of increased contest and the US should express its commitment to defend the space at all costs in order to ensure its maintenance. The arguments of Jim Bridenstine also included references to the development of anti-satellite missiles, jammers, co-orbital satellite weapons and various space-borne threats by the Russians and the Chinese. He also emphasized the Chinese’s perception of the lack of space weapons in the US as a weak point or ‘Achilles’ Heel’ which could be exploited.

Bridenstine further emphasized that if the Space Force program is actually implemented, the Pentagon would be accountable for its responsibility. He expressed support for Space Force as a unit which would safeguard astronauts as well as the billion-dollar investments that are utilized by NASA.

There has been substantial validation for the concerns about other countries engaged in the development of anti-satellite weaponry for many years without any signs of stopping. However, there is no specific evidence that supports the assumption that these countries intend to disable or attack the space assets of the United States. On the contrary, the establishment of a unit like the Space Force could lead to the militarization of space which has been avoided for decades by the world. Furthermore, it is essential to note that the support of the NASA administrator is effective only to a limited extent with a majority of decisions to set up the Space Force vested in the perception of its viability by the Pentagon.

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