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A new suicide-game ‘Momo’ has gone viral on WhatsApp and Facebook

A new suicide-game 'Momo' has gone viral on WhatsApp and Facebook

It isn’t too long when the viral game ‘Blue Whale’ took several lives, there is another viral suicide-provoking game aka challenge that has been doing the rounds on several social networking sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. The game named as ‘Momo’ which is the name of the main character, a woman with bulging eyes and gnarled face taken from the Japanese artist Midori Hayashi who have rejected his association with such a game.

It all started on a Facebook group when users were asked to talk to a stranger’ telephone number. The ‘players’ who are looking forward to playing the game are encouraged to contact one of the numbers associated with the game after which, the supposed controller sends disturbing and violent images to the players via WhatsApp and tends to inform the player that they exactly know personal things about them.

Further, they threaten the players if they don’t follow the orders and by players, we mean children and teenagers who are susceptible to such a game provoking them to suicide at the end of the game or cut themselves and other tasks. The players are asked to commit suicide while streaming the video live or post images and if they refuse, they send dire threatening messages while forces the players to do the task given.

The image of ‘Momo’ is itself terrifying for anyone and it has claimed many lives until now. The game has become a ‘new challenge’ something which kids and teenagers find fascinating just like KiKi challenge or Ice bucket challenge, etc. It is highly advisable to keep an eye on children and teenagers and respond to the competent authority about the sudden shift in behavior.

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