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New release date for Ghost of Tsushima by PlayStation Canada

PlayStation Canada’s website states that the upcoming Tsushima PS4 game will be delayed. The much-awaited very exciting Sucker Punch samurai simulator will be released on June 26, a story trailer that has announced Ghost of Tsushima to be released by August 2020.

Due to the blanket spread of COVID-19, the video game industry and the entire world are sadly highly affected. Because of the increasing cases of this communicable disease every day, the Sony Company had to postpone Part 2 of The Last of Us not confirming the release date for it yet.

The fan base of PlayStation was not really thrilled by this news that Tsushima’s Ghost may be released late, unfortunately. Meanwhile, the worldwide outbreak of coronaviruses persists, and many other games are at hold for their launch.

As spotted by a user on the Ghost of Tsushima Reedit page, PlayStation Canada’s listing for the open-world action title has the date. We can see it twice mentioned “08/01/2020” posted as clear as day on its homepage.

We can see that PlayStation Canada web page has an original publication at the top of the page on June 26 side by side it also mentions August 1 at the bottom of a page. Maybe it’s just to heat up the urges in the players. It could be either someone at PlayStation Canada has got their wires crossed or Sony as it is about to announce a delay to Ghost of Tsushima which would push the game’s launch window back by a month.

However, if this amazing leak is right and Ghost of Tsushima is simply forced out of the way of making space for The Last of Us Part 2, it will still be misleading.

Ghost of Tsushima is turning out to be one of the most interesting games of the year, and Sucker Punch has also worked exclusively since InFamous: First Light was released. An advertisement was made, which doesn’t confirm that the news is true or not.

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