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New Instagram update welcomes Video Chat, new AR filters & more

New Instagram update welcomes Video Chat, new AR filters & more

Instagram, the social networking app that hosts more than a billion users worldwide has announced amazingly cool features that will be available for both Android and iOS. Instagram has been experimenting with various features for months now and recently, it updated the explore page and the IGTV on its app. For the latest string of updates, you will find a totally new topic-oriented Explore page, awesome new camera effects, a Video Chat feature and more.

Let’s take Video Chat feature on Instagram where the users can contact their friends and followers simply by sliding into the DMs. No need of phone number as Instagram will allow an IG account owner to do a video chat with anyone assuming that both the parties have involved in exchanging messages. What’s more? IG users can add up to four different members on the video chat feature so that users can enjoy on a conference video chat without any hassle.

Apart from the Video chat feature, Instagram will now offer new camera effects apart from those already available thus adding more to fun for its users. Instagram has roped in creators such as Ariana Grande, Buzzfeed, and others to create these new camera effects that you can augment in your photos and videos. You’ll have to follow these accounts to get new camera effects but even if you aren’t following them, Instagram got your back as it lets users to tap and save any camera effects that he/she likes without following any account. Love that new camera effect hosted by Ariana Grande? Simply tap on face icon located at the bottom right corner in her stories and save it for yourself.

Instagram has revamped its Explore page a lot of times as it is trying to perfect the art of providing content that its users can consume without feeling disappointed. Earlier, it was filled with random videos and photos but now, with the new update, Instagram has re-tuned the Explore page to be more topic-oriented where the users can find the content they want to consume as it will eventually increase their time spent on the platform. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the new Instagram update on your iOS and Android smartphone and get busy livin’. Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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