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Netflix’s Will Smith-Starrer Bright To Receive A Sequel

Netflix is working on the second part of the movie, Bright.

Online streaming platform Netflix is producing original content now more than ever before. While it might feel a little strange for you to try and remember the time when the company wasn’t producing original series so many times. Besides the original series, the company is also actively working towards creating shows and movies that feature some really big-budgeted stars such as Will Smith and Chris Hemsworth. One of the main movies that has been a part of major hit films include Bright. As we all know, this was probably one of the first ventures that the company made into big budget original content.

The movie reportedly ended up featuring major Hollywood stars including Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. The lead roles were occupied by the two of them. The movie, in actuality, received mixed reviews. However, despite the mixed reviews, it appears like the company is now working towards producing another film in the process. This time, instead of using the older director, they are looking for a new director that can be replaced in the film. According to a report published by Deadline, the creators behind the show are actually in talks with Now You See Me director, Louis Leterrier. It has not been confirmed as yet whether Louis Leterrier will actually ended up taking the directorial duties from David Ayer, who was a part of the previous movie. As you all maybe knowing, David Ayer is known for his work in movies like Suicide Squad. The director usually will be taking a back-seat as the producer and writer of the upcoming film.

It’s not like this is the first time that a fantasy experience is being taken away from him. In fact, this can be observed as one of the many projects that he was a part of as a director but has decided to give away the duties. This includes ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ for the upcoming generation. Apart from that, he has also been a part of ‘Clast Of The Titans’ and ‘The Incredible Hulk’ in the past. As can be recalled, Bright was featuring both Smith and Edgerton as police detectives. The fictional plot follows the storyline around the region of Los Angeles. Not many might believe but there are several mythical creatures, who are co-existing with humans. We also have a group of elves and fairies who are a part of the film. When it initially released on Netflix, it ended up attracting a lot of views. We were able to receive nearly 11 million viewers in a day’s time. Therefore, it does not really come across as a surprise that this is actually taking place.

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