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Netflix’s The Half Of It Is Based On A True Story

The teen drama is the creation of writer/director, Alice Wu.

Famously described as being the coming-of-age dramedy, The Half Of It recently made its debut on Netflix. The movie is written and directed by one person, Alice Wu and it appears like it maybe based on a true story. The Netflix original goes on feature talented stars such as Leah Lewis, Daniel Diemer, Alexxis Lemire and Collin Chou. As can be recalled, the movie ended up releasing on May 1st, 2020. It received several positive reviews along the way. Soon after its release, we also learned of the fact that the movie has already ended up receiving the Founders Award for Best Narrative Feature at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival.

In a recent turn events, we were able to learn that the movie is actually based on a series of true events. It appears like Wu had been driving many of her own personal references all throughout the series. She has successfully narrated the journey that she has taken all throughout college. She has also ended up experiencing a loss of friendship, which she very diligently showcases through the movie. She is quite hopeful that she is able to push things along and she has managed to feature a character who consists of similar features as her.

Where did the story originate?

In a recent interview to Washington Blade, Alice Wu ended up confirming that her explanation of the story came from her own experiences. In a quote, she explained, “My best friend in college was a straight white guy. He helped me accept myself as gay more than anyone. But his new girlfriend was wary of our relationship, despite knowing I was gay and slowly, ineffably, the delicate calculus of our connection eroded.”

The Half Of It Plotline

For those who are unaware, The Half Of It is expected to follow the story of Ellie who is attempting to get her jock-turned-friend into professing his love for the girl of his life. They all go to the same school. The only problem that she starts experiencing is that she starts developing feelings for the same girl. This is a classic story that follows through usually when two friends are involved with a similar love interest. Well, it appears like the movie is doing quite well on Netflix as well.

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