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Netflix: The top 5 must-watch movies

Netflix is, hands down, the best globally streaming service providing a wide range of movies and series of every genre and language. It’s more like a paradox for the users, as there are way too many options and it’s hard for them to choose. If you’re also confused what to watch on Netflix next then,

Here’s the list of the top 5 must-watch movies on Netflix with amazing plot, excellent cast, incredible direction and cinematography, and highly rated.


The 2017 movie, Okja is directed by the Oscar-winner director of Parasite, Bong Joong-ho. With a limited budget of $50 million that Netflix gave him, he presented an amazing work of art through the movie, Okja. The ratings of the movie is impressive, critics all over the world appreciated it for the cinematography, cast, thought-provoking theme, and brilliant plot. Okja tells the story of the super pig experiments that send modified pigs to farmers all across the globe. A granddaughter of a Korean farmer forms a relationship with one of the super pig (Okja). The company who originally ran the experiment wants their pig back, and that’s where the story unfolds the brilliant plot. To know more you have to watch Okja, it’s an excellent movie, and shouldn’t be missed by anyone!


Another incredible and delicate movie available on Netflix, The Florida Project. The story of the movie follows the lives of three kids from poor families who are stuck living in a motel. It shows their lives, their connection, their friendship, harmony, and portrayed the story with complete honesty. The Florida Project is one of those movie which is emotional yet gives out a strong, beautiful message to the viewers. The movie successfully captures the innocence of a child’s fun imagination amidst the poor living condition. It’d be unfair to describe the movie in a word, it’d be grasped only when watched with full attention.


Shoplifters is directed by the renowned Japanese director, Hirokazu Koreedo. The movie is about a poor family who live their lives from shoplifting amongst other petty crimes until one day they welcomed a new girl into their otherwise happy family. When the youngest son started teaching the girl how to shoplift, he faces a moral dilemma, and that’s where things for the family take a turn.

The incredible theme of the movie, brilliant performance by the actors, excellent direction, amazing ratings from critics are reasons for you to watch this 2018 movie, Shoplifters.


One of the highest grossing movie of the Middle-Eastern and Arabia is Capernaum. The movie is Oscar-nominated and follows the story of a 12-year-old boy in Lebanon who leaves his parents, and try to make his life by himself on the street. A tale of poverty and innocence experienced by a boy with a brave and good heart. The brilliant performance by the child actors have been applauded by the audience worldwide. A beautiful and uplifting movie for a long discussion over the weekend.


A documentary on how social media is affecting the lives of the people worldwide. It includes the people from the social media industry that includes, Google, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest who has left their companies for ethical reasons. The Social Dilemma consists of a fiction film about a family who feels distant because of social media, and footage of interviews from the people. It shows the implications of social media on the youngsters, and people, in general globally. The Social Dilemma is an eye-opener and a must-watch for those who feels they’re extremely addicted to the virtual world than the real world around them.

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