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Netflix Documentary ‘Inside Bill’s Brain’ to provide unique look at Bill Gates!!

Netflix has finally revealed the making of a three part documentary series about Bill Gates. The new show was revealed on Netflix’s Twitter handle yesterday. The tweet said that ‘Gates’ is trying to decipher a portion of the world’s most determined issues. And this new three part documentary by Netflix is going to introduce us to the wit of this praised tech visionary, business pioneer and philanthropist. This show will provide an opportunity for the audience to know Bill Gates as a person as well.

The series has been titled as ‘Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates’. This type of series is known as ‘Docuseries(a documentary style that exists in two or more installments)’. It is a Netflix orginial series. It will be available in all the parts of the world where the service is provided.

The straming of the show will start from September 20. The plot of the documentary remains unknown. This keeps us on the edge and unaware about the nature of the show and the kind of content it will be serving.

Looking at the past history of Netflix original movies and TV shows, this show holds a lot of expectations. Netflix has also launched many original documentaries over the years like Amanda Knox, City of Joy, Captive and many more.

Let’s hope that this documentary leaves people optimistic about the problems in their lives and the belief to tackle them easily.

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