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Netflix confirms the arrival of Russian Doll season 2: See all updates

The good news about Russian Doll season 2 came out in 2019. Netflix has taken to its official Twitter account to announce the renewal of the Russian Doll in June 2019. The official tweet also mentioned the scope of doing more with a dark comedy serial. Fans are now in demand for the dispatch of the new season.

However, showrunners have announced a delay in its production owing to the coronavirus pandemic, stating that filming was scheduled to start from May 2020 but being halted. They are not certain when they can resume work. Fans are requested to be patient until there is any further update.


Russian Doll is an American Comedy-drama, produced by Leslye Headland, Natasha Lyonne, and Amy Poehler. The first edition came out on 1st February 2019. After the huge popularity in season 1, season 2 was an obvious outcome.

Russian Doll season 2 Plot

The show talks about Nadia Vulvokov, aka Natasha Lyonne. She is a video game developer by profession. On her 36th birthday, she adheres to get into a time loop. She continuously awakens after drowning and restarts from the very moment of the party. She’s overwhelmingly confused and is trying to figure out what’s happening.

Her brother, Alan, is found to be stuck in the same situation. With the developments in the game, they both found themselves struck into the same video game. Season 1 wrapped with both of them captivated in different timelines.

The second season will pick right from where it ended. As sources say, season 2 will be more of a video game and how they manage to release from being struck. Fans are high in expectation about the season renewal. It is expected the season will bring with some satisfactory end.

 Russian Doll season 2 Cast

All we know about the cast:

Natasha Lyonne can be seen as Nadia Vulvokov. Greta Lee can appear as Maxine and Yul Vazquez as John Reyes. Other casts might include Charlie Barnett in the role of Alan Zaveri, Elizabeth Ashley for Rath Brenner, and Kate Jennings Grant as Young Ruth. There are predictions that new faces will be joining in the second season. We will have to wait until the cast list is out officially.

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