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Netflix Cancels Sense 8; Here’s Why

Here’s why the online-streaming platform decided to cancel the upcoming seasons of Sense 8.

When Netflix made the announcement regarding cancelling Sense 8, there were a lot of viewers and fans who were left disappointed. After all, the show was cancelled only after two seasons. While the reason of Netflix cancelling the upcoming season was not specified, however, the fans were left distraught. It seems like the news is final that the online streaming platform has made the decision to cancel the show. As noted by the recent report, Netflix experienced a change of heart. The online-streaming platform commissioned a feature-length reunion to wrap up all that was hanging in the limbo.

Sense 8 Season 2 – Where Did It Last End?

The second season of Sense 8, which was created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski and J Michael, was primarily following the story of eight strangers who hailed from different parts of the world. The same members ended up being introduced as sensates, who were being mentally and emotionally linked with each other. This plotline was made evident through the series.

In the last episode, titled, ‘Amor Vincit Omnia,’ the viewers were made to follow the story that was based in Paris. We saw clusters and allies planning and exchanging their propaganda between the Wolfgang and Whispers. The show also introduced how exactly Angelica ended up faking her relationship with Whispers with the intention to locate Raoul. Towards the end of the series, we were able to learn that only Whisper can control the drones. We are also introduced to the fact wherein Hoy is able to connect with Riley with River, who happens to be the daughter of Ruth. She is the leading member of the pro-sensate group located in BPO.

We are also able to see how River is pleading with Riley to kill the Whispers. The Chairman, who had ended up ordering a purge of sensates and sympathisers, also ends up losing his leverage during this process. In response, the cluster ends up declining the offer extended to then. Towards the end of the show, we were able to discover that all three characters, i.e. Kala, Rajan and Wolfgang were able to develop what is being referred to as a polyamorous relationship.

In a recent report, Netflix’s Vice President Cindy Holland ended up coming clean to The Radio Times. In her interview, she revealed the reason behind cancelling the show all together. Holland stated that they decided to wrap up the show in just two seasons because their decision for the same was dependent upon the “audience size and budget.” The show, it seems, wasn’t as impressive for the viewers, as they had imagined it would be.

In the interview, she stated, “At some point if you don’t have the viewership showing up to justify the expense of the series, you’re going to want to end it.”

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