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Net Worth Of Shaquille O’ Neal as of 2020

Shaquille O’ Neal, the most energetic of all the retired American basketball players might not be an active player now but he never fails to acquire the light of the media either through his entrepreneurship or television production.

Besides taking up these two professions he also tried his hands on film producing, acting, and rapping, and guess what! he has been successful in the three as well. Today we will have an insight into his personal details and net worth. Do follow the article below to know more:

Early life:

He was born to a drug addict father in Newark, New Jersey. His father was imprisoned in the possession of drugs and left his family after he has released from jail. All this shaped while O’ Neal was just a baby, when he was 2, his mother marries a man from Army who was a sergeant. Neal was also a part of the American boys and girls club which held him and his family financially independent.

They used to eat bread through the earnings that came from the club. While Neal was just in high school, he was talked about his passion and talent for Basketball. He also earned the state championship for San Antonio’s Robert G. Cole High School team in his later years of life. He was awarded two times with the SEC player of the year and All American player of the year.


He was the first pick for the Orlando Magic. He had also won the Olympic gold medal along with his team in Atlanta in the year 1996. After the Olympics, he paired with Kobe Bryant and they were said to be the superstars together in one team. He has also been part of various reality series and has gone further to host his own podcast. He later appeared in films such as “Blue Chips” and “Kazama”. He also produces music under the pseudonym “DIESEL. He has also endorsed PEPSI, REEBOK, and other such high brands.

Personal Life:

Shaq undoubtedly has one of the complicated love lives. He married Shaunie Nelson in 2002 and bore 4 children out of her, the couple in 2007 decided to split but then changes their minds. Again in 2009 Shaunie filed for the divorce and then Shaq went on to date Nicole Alexander, a reality star. But this relationship too could not last long and in 2012 the couple went separate ways. Since 2014, Shaq has been dating Laticia Rollewho is a successful model.

Net Worth:

Shaq had alone earned a dollar 200 million from endorsements and $292 million as his salary. His calculated Net Worth as of 2020 is, $400 million. Not to forget that he also has a doctoral degree in education. He despite being successful beforehand went to the University of Phoenix to pursue his master’s degree.

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