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NCT 127: Who are the members of the South Korean band NCT 127?

NCT 127 is the second sub-unit of the well known band NCT (acronym for Neo Culture Technology). It is managed by SM Entertainment and is localized in Seoul. Hence the number “127” which appears in their band name is a longitude coordinate of the city.

The unit had made a debut on July 1, 2016, and it originally had 7 members which included Taeil, Taeyong (who is the band leader), Yuta, Jaehyun, Winwin, Mark, and Haechan. They had won the Best New Group title at the various award shows in 2016 in South Korea.

NCT are not limited to keeping their group small and have added several members to their band roster. Presently a total of 23 members have been split up into 4 sub units: NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV.

Members of NCT 127

1) Taeyong

Taeyong is the stage name of Lee Tae-yong and serves as the leader of NCT 127. He is a famous South Korean singer, rapper, dancer, and songwriter. Taeyong is a K-Pop idol and he has admitted that for pursuing his dreams he has to stay away from his family which has proved to be difficult for him.

2) Taeil

The South Korean singer Taeil is main vocalist of NCT 127 besides NCT U. Taeil is the stage name of Moon Tae-il.


The NCT 127 member Yuta is the stage name of Nakamoto Yuta. Among the two Japanese members in NCT, Yuta is one of them. Yuta is a singer, rapper, dancer and he loves to play football. He is originally from Osaka, Japan.

4) Jaehyun

Jaehyun is a NCT 127 member. His original name is Jeong Yun-o, but he was born Jeong Jae-hyun. Jaehyun is a South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper and actor. In NCT 127 he serves as the lead vocalist and dancer of NCT 127. He is nicknamed as Casper.

5) Jungwoo

The NCT 127 member, Jungwoo hails from Sanbon, South Korea. His original name is Kim Jung-woo.

6) Johnny

The NCT 127 member, Johnny is a Korean-American rapper. He hails from Chicago. Johnny was born as John Suh and he is interested to dance, rap, play the piano, DJ. He was officially a part of the SM Entertainment after the SM Global Audition in Chicago in 2007.

7) Doyoung

The NCT 127 member, Doyoung is a South Korean rapper. He hails from Guri, South Korea. He was born as Kim Dong-young. Doyoung serves as one of the main vocalists for NCT 127 besides NCT U.

8) Mark

Mark’s Korean name is Lee Min-hyung. Mark is one of the main rappers and dancers for NCT Dream, and he sub-vocalizes for NCT U and NCT 127.


Haechan born as Lee Dong-Hyuck is a south Korean singer and dancer. He is a member of NCT 127.


Winwin has been one of the integral members of NCT 127 but he is currently inactive as he is busy promoting WayV in China. Winwin is a Chinese rapper and dancer and he hails from Wenzhou Zhejiang, China.

The ten-member unit NCT 127 is the second fixed sub-unit of NCT.

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