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National treasure 3: Why the sequel hasn’t happened nonetheless

National Treasure 3

Despite fan interest, the filmmaker hasn’t given National Treasure 3 the inexperienced light-weight nonetheless, however, why? it has been fifteen years since the primary National Treasure picture discharged in theatres and currently over a decade since the sequel, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, released, however development on another sequel is not any nearer to production than it absolutely was. within the late 2000s.

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What makes it different from National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Unlike the primary National Treasure picture, that terminated while not abundant preparation for subsequent instalment, National Treasure: Book of Secrets’ story and ending powerfully hinted at not solely National Treasure three happening, however conjointly what the movie’s story would be regarding, as less, what would be its momentum.

After sorting out the situation of the president’s “book of secrets,” the president asks mountain Gates (Nicolas Cage) to require a glance at page forty-seven, to envision if maybe he might lend his experience to his mystery. mountain later tells the president that he will facilitate solve that mystery and even referred to as it “life neutering.” it has been nearly twelve years since mountain discovered what was on page forty-seven, however, we’re no nearer to seeing National Treasure three premiere.

Part 3 was in development

Although National Treasure 3 hasn’t happened nonetheless, and maybe ne’er can, the filmmaker had the picture in active development till quite recently. Shortly once National Treasure: Book of Secrets discharged, director Jon Turtletaub confirmed that they were performing on National Treasure three, however conjointly that they’d be taking their time to form the sequel. Then in 2013, producer Kraut Bruckheimer claimed that National Treasure three was below development, however, they were having a tough time deciphering the story. However, Bruckheimer conjointly expected to start out production at National Treasury three someday in 2015, however that ne’er happened.

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