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Nate and Jeremiah season 4: Is the show returning for a new season?

Nate and Jeremiah season 4

Home renovation can be a nightmare for many unless you have Nate and Jeremiah in your life. This show received many positive acclaims for its concept from the viewers. They are now asking for Nate and Jeremiah season 4 which was expected to air this year. However, the team has been silent about the renewal of the show. As of now, we know it is not canceled and the chances of a season 4 are pretty high. The reality television series was appreciated for its idea and the acceptance and display of gay marriage in a beautiful manner. The show first released on April 8, 2017. Its original network is TLC and the show is aired every Saturday.

The show stars the couple Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. The two got married in 2014 and have two children. Both Nate and Jeremiah are interior designers. They decided to take up this show portraying their personal life too. However, it did not fail and the show was renewed for another season soon.

What to expect from Nate and Jeremiah season 4?

The show captures the life of Nate and Jeremiah as they work as interior designers who help people deal with the nightmares of home renovation. Moreover, we also see their personal life and how they raise their kids, balancing both work and family. The show presents families who are struggling with the budget, time and plan to renovate their homes. Nate and Jeremiah enter the scene and understand the lifestyle of their client. Further, they plan a stylish yet affordable design for them. Along with this, we see them balancing and raising their kids together. The new season will also show their kids growing up while fixing the homes of others.

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Other updates on the show

Nate and Jeremiah season 4 has not received any green signal as of now. We can expect the show to the premier by mid-2021 if everything goes as planned. The couples will be back on the screen with their ever-interesting personal and professional life. However, a delay is expected due to novel pandemic and restrictions.

The cast of the show differs in each episode. The entire show is anchored, presented, and hosted by the couple Nate and Jeremiah. Moreover, the other two important characters are their two children Poppy and Oskar.

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