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Natalie Portman will be the next Thor

During the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, the Marvel Studios did come up with some of the important announcements regarding the future of the franchise. During the event, Marvel Cinematic Universe did reveal about a lot of movies and forthcoming TV-Series.

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming projects include Angelina Jolie in the Eternals. The Marvel Cinematic Universe would also rework on the Blade franchise and this time, there is a different blade. The Academy-Award winning actor, Mahershala Ali will portray the role of Blade. Moreover, Marvel Studios is also trying to bring one of the founding members of Avengers back to life.

Natalie Portman as the Goddess of Thunder

Marvel is going to feature the story of Thor when Natalie Portman wields the hammer. The sequel of the forthcoming Thor movie has even got a name, namely Thor: Love And Thunder. It would be interesting to know what would make Jane Forster in the MCU worthy of the hammer.

As far as the fans of the new Thor movie are concerned they are going crazy after hearing the news. During the Comic-Con event, Taika Waititi got down on his knees and have Mjolnir to Natalie Portman aka Jane Forster. By the looks of it, Taika Waititi would direct the forthcoming and fourth Thor movie. According to the sources, the fourth Thor movie would hit theaters in 2021 November.

Jane Foster was missing from the MCU for a long time

Natalie Portman has been missing out of the MCU for quite some time now. Speculations also said that Natalie Portman left the franchise as she didn’t have a groundbreaking character. However, things are going to change now. Jane Foster used to be Thor’s love interest in the first two movies.

Nevertheless, Jane Forster did dump the God of Thunder and soon after that Thor lost everything. Alongside Thor, and Jane Foster, Valkuris, a fellow Asgardian would also be back in the film.

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