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NASA released a Breathtaking Image of The ‘Pillars of Creation’

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has released a spectacular picture of the ‘Pillars of Creation’ with the courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope. According to the research, the picture was first captured in 1995, NASA and ESA’s stunning vision of the ‘Pillars of Creation’ has become one of the most popular images of the universe.

A grand image released by NASA is the classical snap of the ‘Pillars of Creation’ which shows a collection of gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula about 6,000 light-years away. Besides showing the radiating glow of the pillars in infrared light, this awe-inspiring image is also giving the pillars a spectacular blueish shadow.

Our news sources have reported that the world’s largest space agency NASA affirmed that “Here, the pillars are seen in infrared light, which pierces through obscuring dust and gas and unveil a more unfamiliar — but just as amazing — view of the pillars. The better-known image is of the pillars in visible light,”.

According to reports, an old image of the ‘Pillars of Creation’ captured in 1995 was a combination of three separate photographs assembled using visible light. It shows the pillars located in the Eagle Nebula throwing off cosmic dust and cool hydrogen gas.
Some reports also suggested that it was not for the first time that the new infrared version images of this cosmic structure were revisited. Astronomers assembled a more detailed image captured in visible light in 2015.

The discovery of Eagle Nebula was first done by a Swiss astronomer Jean-Philippe Loys de Cheseaux in 1745 and is about 7,000 light-years from Earth; it is a nursery for stars in the Serpens constellation.

It is four to five light-years in width. The pillar structure is massive, although it’s just a relatively small structure compared to the overall nebula, which spans a staggering 70 by 55 light-years.

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