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“My virginity was stolen” strong Nikki Bella comes up with the sad MeToo experience

Recently, the former WWE star, Nikki Bella, made a shocking revelation about sexual harassment in her latest memoir, Incomparable, which was published on Tuesday, 5th May. She revealed that she was sexually assaulted two times when she was 15-16 years old. Though she was assaulted in high school twice, Nikki Bella never shared about this horrible incident with anyone, not even with her mother before she published her latest memoir, Incomparable.

Nikki Bella also disclosed in her book that when she was 15 years old, her parents got separated from each other and, after some time, divorced.

As per the report of US Weekly, Nikki Bella asserted that she was raped in a hotel on the American Independence Day when she had some strong liquor after which she passed out. Nikki reportedly further claimed that she woke up and noticed the stomach ache, then she knew that a man was over her, and virginity was “stolen” from her.

Nikki Bella then disclosed how she never felt at the time about contacting the cops. She continued that she was always upset with this incident until now because the guy hadn’t even apologized and thought like that after assaulting her, she would become “his.” Apart from this, the culprit wasn’t really bothered if he might fall into trouble.

The former WWE star also revealed that she was sexually assaulted again when she was 16 years old by the person of college-going guys. She also revealed that Bella and her friend met two college-age boys who invited them to their home after attending a modeling competition in California. While they craped her out, Nikki went with them. Nikki Bella admitted that while she was in their hotel room, she had been drugged and sexually abused by the two guys, along with her mate.

Nikki Bella regrets and blames herself that she couldn’t do anything to stop the incident from happening. There is no way she can not reveal the trauma faced by her during her childhood in the memoir called Incomparable. Nikki Bella, the mom, to be is feeling low and lacks confidence in her. She referred to the #MeToo movement that stirred Hollywood in 2019. She even said how rape and sexual assault were a double slap for women.

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