‘My Hero Academia’: What Year Was Hawks Born In? All About Hawks

I just wanna enjoy myself. Seriously. Do some leisurely patrolling, put in a few appearances, say “Aw shucks, no trouble today,” and get a good night’s sleep! That’s my ideal life! I wanna make this world one where heroes have time to kill. – Hawks to Endeveour 

Keigo Takami is the Wing Hero: Hawks in My Hero Academia. Pro Hero Arc deuteragonist. My Hero Academia: Heroes Risen’s fifth season introduces Hawks, a minor character in the first four seasons.

Despite his youth, Keigo Takami is his country’s No. Keigo created his own Hero Agency at age 18 and became one of Japan’s top 10 Pro Heroes, the country’s youngest hero. Fierce Wings gives Hawks crimson feathered wings.

In the Japanese version, Yuichi Nakamura voiced this character, while Zeno Robinson voiced Goh in the Pokémon anime, Omar in Craig of the Creek, and Carapace in Miraculous Ladybug.

Young Hawks has backcombed blonde hair, golden-brown eyes, and stubble. He’s medium-sized. As he descends, his wings become longer and bigger.

Hawk’s yellow, fur-lined suit resembles an aviator’s. He’s got a yellow-tinted visor, black gloves, and golden-patterned boots. Since he’s wearing headphones, his ears are presumably shielded from high speeds.

After the battle, he met Dabi with terrible wounds. The procedure permanently disfigured his jawline. He has a neck brace, an undercut, and a new hairstyle.

Hawks exhibited his laid-back, easygoing, and relaxed demeanor on Hero Billboard Chart JP when he aired his opinions and calmed an agitated Endeavor. Hawks deters a criminal, saves a dog from being run over, and helps an elderly woman with her suitcase. Several Hawks fans congratulated him on finishing second, noting his proximity. Despite Endeavor’s harsh attitude, they become fast friends. Since childhood, he’s loved Endeavor.

Hawks, a kind-hearted person, wishes his fellow superheroes a more relaxed lifestyle, where they can periodically unwind from their labor. Despite his lighthearted demeanour, he’s concerned and dedicated to his hero duty, always obeying HSPC orders. Fumikage Tokoyami only took on the young hero because of the League of Villains and because they were both birds, but he wanted to give him wisdom. As High-End commander, he minimise Endeavor’s losses from the Nomu attack.

Since Hawks was a youngster, the HSPC has taught him espionage and infiltration. His facial expressions and speech patterns are well-controlled, making him a good liar. Due to these abilities, he joined the Liberation Army and convinced convicts to join him. Hawks, who founded his own Hero Agency at 18, broke into the Top Ten Hero Rankings within months.

Hawks’ persona shows a darker side when infiltrating the Liberation Army. Hatred for Dabi led him to threaten the villain with one of his feather blades. Later in the story, he confesses he’s a hero and a good-hearted killer. Hawks felt terrible about lying to Twice, despite having won his trust, and had to break it. Despite Twice’s bad image, he instantly sees his good nature and wants to help him get his life back on track.

Hawks double-executed him when he became a League threat.

Hawks’ Quirk gives him enormous, crimson wings to soar at high speeds. Hawks can use his telekinetic wings to attack criminals and help bystanders. Hawks can use their feathers as weapons if they are light and strong. Hawks can identify people and eavesdrop by using their feathers to detect sounds and feelings.

Deteriorating feathers reduce a hawk’s ability to fly. When a hawk’s feathers are burned, it’s vulnerable to fire-wielding opponents. If he loses all his feathers, it will take him two days to regain control of his wings.

Hawks is smart, shrewd, and strategic despite his handicap. He was a child Hero Public Safety Commission trainee. Hawks’ intensive training allows him to remain calm under pressure.

Hawks infiltrated the Paranormal Liberation Front’s baddies and wants to gain their trust. Except for Dabi, the organization’s leaders and members were uninformed of the villain’s suspicion and disregarded it long enough to find Shigaraki.

Hawks’ Fierce Wings Quirk makes him a powerful Pro Hero. Despite his lack of strength, he’s a huge asset when working with Endeavor. His expertise and intelligence make him a tremendous asset to the heroes.