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Movies4u: Even after the Government ban, the Website bought back and never stopped to amuse us!


Movie 4u is an unlawful movie online and downloading websites, which gives the visitors a free platform to watch or download the movies or TV series they want. Not only films but you can also get the latest web-series, TV- series, dramas all illegally. The website faced many complaints many times were; the government has prohibited movies4u websites but they buy another domain and publish their website there so it’s a really deep down network which works on illegal activity. If you search on google “movie4u”, you will get lots-of websites like that. 

Is this website safe or unsafe for watching any entertainment? 

If the government will ban their website, they purchase another domain associated with this and circulate the website again. Nonentity can quit them because this will get in an endless ring. The website empowers content in various languages such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, English dubbed movies, Punjabi Movies, Gujarati Full HD movies, Marathi movies, Netflix series and amazon prime series etc with different genres- love, thriller, crime, comedy, family drama and Physiological thriller etc. where you can download the series or movies with any range from 144p, 480p, 720p and 1080p formats. 

What if their website is banned?

Even if it is banned the website operates smoothly and begins again to operate with the exemption. The main reason behind this run is that it often alters its domain name extension which can be accessed via dealer sites that lead users to the website.

It is strictly punishable according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; if they caught the government in the name of crime while releasing the movies soon and making through it. It is illegal to watch movies this way as soon as it is released. But when they play the government part it is illegal because they have no rights to publish a movie, they need permission to post movies online. You can also download the movies and series on the website’s homepage itself which guides you to download the show in the best quality. 

What rank is Movies4u standing in globally and in India?

According to Alexa.com, movie4u has a global rank of 8,428,316, which is worth an estimated 253 dollars and everyday revenue is evaluated as overall 0.51 dollars. The website also has launched an app on the same name “Movies4u”  which is one and easiest free movies APP to watch public domain movies on android devices with parental control, this app is developed by some third-party developers because Google will not accept or promote if the developers are illegal.

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